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5 Reasons Why Equity-Based Crowdfunding Under the JOBS Act Won’t Work

There’s so much hype surrounding crowdfunding and for good reason. Stories like the one of Ouya, a game console developer that raised $950,000 in just 8 hours on Kickstarter capture our imaginations. In 2012 alone, over 2 million people pledged approximately $319 million on Kickstarter while global crowdfunding is predicted to grow to… Read More

Crowdfunding: The New Vancouver Stock Exchange?

You only have to wait a few years before the “new fad” in financing strategies appears. Some of these fads become legitimized and stick with us, becoming trends and others – well they’re fads… If you are in the Energy sector, this isn’t as big an… Read More

A backlash against crowdfunding? (plus one project worth Kickstarting)

When such acclaimed and accomplished jazz players as pianist Geoffrey Keezer and vibraphonist Joe Locke, or drummer Johnathan Blake, issued appeals via Kickstarter to have fans back projects in progress, I got right behind them. Likewise, I was happy to see that Canadian musicians Renee… Read More

Recently Discovered: NASAA Advisory on Crowdfunding

File this under recently discovered.  The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) has published a document inquiring; Are You An Informed Investor?  Crowdfunding.  It would appear the NASAA is not a fan of the Jobs Act – at least certain segments of it. Certainly a benign… Read More

Crowdfunding: ‘Lord of the Flies’ for startup investors

During the crazy startup bubble times of the late-1990s, money was flowing into venture capital funds faster and at higher volumes than water flowing into Hurricane Sandy-ravaged subway stations in lower Manhattan. Professional venture capitalists rushed to invest billions of dollars taking substantial positions in… Read More

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