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KeyBank Acquires Digital Lending Platform For Small Businesses Bolstr

On Wednesday, KeyBank announced it has acquired digital lending platform for small businesses Bolstr. According to Key, the fintech software, which is expected to be implemented later this year, will enable the banking group to provide faster and easier access both to SBA loans and to… Read More

New crowdfunding twists: DIY and mom-and-pops

Kickstarter has gotten loads of attention as the go-to place for crowdfunding a startup, but it’s hardy the only game in town. Chicago-based Scout, a startup out of the Sandbox incubator that uses off-the-shelf technology for low-cost home security, did its own crowdfunding. It raised… Read More

No need to wait for crowdfunding

Companies don’t need to wait until the beginning of next year and new federal rules to start raising money over the Internet. And they don’t have to offer perks or products to supporters. A handful of upstarts are working to make crowdfunding a reality—now. They’re… Read More

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