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OneGram Claims First Sharia Compliant Digital Currency, Lists ICO for Over $500 Million

OneGram announced at Consenus this week the world’s first Sharia-compliant, gold-backed digital currency. The company also announced details for its “OGC” token crowdsale which will begin at the onset of Ramadan. The Initial Coin Offer (ICO) will continue for 120 days. OneGram seeks to raise… Read More

OneGram Links with Tabarak Investment Capital to Promote its Digital Currency

Decentralized blockchain tech platform OneGram announced an agreement with Tabarak Investment Capital Limited to boost investment in its gold-backed, Sharia-compliant digital token, OGC. Tabarak has this opportunity to market/refer a €100 million allotment to their extensive group of clients in the Islamic financial sector. Tabarak is currently refer-marketing… Read More

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