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Crowdfunding Mailbox: Orison Home Battery, Battalion 1944 FPS & Radiomize Smart Steering Wheel Cover

I happen to live in an area where power outages are all too frequent. Be it the wind, snow or a mischevious squirrel, losing power to the lights and computer is a regular occurrence.  I have considered on many occasions taking the plunge and purchasing a… Read More

Full Length Crowdfunded Film, Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild, Hits YouTube

Back in April of this year filmmaker / comedian Stuart Ashen (AKA Ashens) from Norwich, England crowdfunded the film, “Ashens and The Quest For The Game Child” and generated $73,690 on a goal of $50,000.  Over 1200 backers came to aid his project on Indiegogo…. Read More

Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker Stomps Crowdfunding Goal

Sensoria Smart Sock -a fitness tracker built into your socks closed their crowdfunding campaign this morning have almost doubled their goal.  Initially Sensoria had a targeted raise of $87.000 but closed at over $115,000 well past their goal.  We initially picked up on this interesting… Read More

Skullgirls Crowdfunding Campaign Ends at Just Under $830K

Crowdfunding phenomena Skullgirls ended their crowdfunding campaign at $829,829.00 which easily surpassed their initial goal of $150,000.  As previously reported the Skullgirls crowdfunding initiative was a way to fund new characters for the video game.  As the interest and amount raised grew, new levels were… Read More

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