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Planet Money and Kickstarter: Is web-based crowdfunding the future of public media?

When the NPR show Planet Money wanted to put together a project about the economic life-cycle of a T-shirt, Kickstarter seemed like the natural approach — and it showed how much crowdfunding has in common with public media. When the reporting team at Planet Money — a… Read More

Anonymous Looks To Crowdfund New Media Platform

Anonymous is a high-profile group of low-profile anonymous hacktivists. The group can be found in the news often these days, most recently being linked to hacking of North Korean intranet infrastructure. Now Your Anon News, the news arm of the collective, has an Indiegogo campaign… Read More

3 Tips For Your Crowdfunding Pitch To The Media


As you can guess, we receive a lot of media pitches for crowdfunding campaigns. I see certain patterns both in the way we’re pitched and the way I react to these pitches, and I think understanding these patterns can help any crowdfunder hone his or… Read More

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