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Draft Laws Covering Blockchain / Crypto in China Will Require Use of Real Names, Private Censorship of Posts and Storage of User Data

The Cyberspace Administration of China has posted draft legislation that imposes sweeping responsibilities upon all Chinese companies providing access to blockchain networks, including the duty to censor content, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports. The new laws were posted online last Friday and will be available for… Read More

China Censors Sidestepped: #MeToo Report Logged “Immutably” on Ethereum

#MeToo activists at Peking University have attempted to permanently log accusations of on-campus harassment on the Ethereum public blockchain, Quartz  reports. This story begins this year on April 5th, China’s national day for honouring the dead. Inspired by recent #MeToo activism in China, including numerous reports… Read More

Women Became the Story in 2017

As Oprah Winfrey put it during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on January 7th, 2018. The reverberations of her words have re-ignited, for anyone who thought it was a just a trend, the importance of #metoo, the industry-agnostic movement. Actually, it is all-encompassing… Read More

In Solidarity: Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund Quickly Nears $16.5M GoFundMe Goal

“The sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault that has been reported and come to light over the last two months have been equal parts terrifying and illuminating. We stand with all those who have endured sexual harassment: those who have come forward and those who have decided… Read More

Producing Change: Seed&Spark CEO Emily Best Discusses #MeToo, the Film Industry & Crowdfunding

“We are asking everyone in our community to take responsibility for their part. We ask all of our filmmakers to make a public facing statement about how their project is increasing inclusion in entertainment. We make it very clear to our audiences that what we… Read More

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