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WATCH: The 5 Most Controversial Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarted, the crowdfunding documentary currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, has released a video on YouTube running down the top 5 most controversial crowdfunding campaigns. Can you guess which campaign is number one? Kickstarted has raised just $21,000 of an $85,000 goal to date with a little… Read More

9 Bizarre Crowdfunding Projects From 2012

This was reposted and translated from Frankwatching.com, a Dutch cross-marketing platform.  Click here for the original story. That crowdfunding becoming increasingly popular is clear.As always in the law of large numbers, provides that in addition to interesting and fun projects too outlandish projects. In our time… Read More

Sex and Crowdfunding (Infographic)

NOTE: Some links below are NSFW.  Don’t click the portal links unless you like awkward private meetings with your boss. It seems to be a popular cliche that crowdfunding is a tool for bettering the world, and as the JOBS act was passed the public… Read More

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