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Crowdfunding Science That’s Near and Dear to My Heart

The Internet has changed many things, creating a virtual landscape that is without the literal boundaries that once hindered our ability to communicate. In addition to bridging social, cultural, and even economic gaps, the Internet has become an incubator for entrepreneurs of all types, increasingly… Read More

From inside a Petridish to Lake Turkana, Kenya

Cravings for chocolate or ice cream are not uncommon, but Natasha Gownaris, a third-year doctoral candidate at Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, craves Africa and is crowdfunding to send herself back to Lake Turkana in Kenya. Gownaris’ research project called “Saving… Read More

Crowdfunding and Its Growing Role in Academic Research

Crowdfunding has helped fund startups and innovation since its inception, but academic research is starting to benefit. The funding of anything from Project Hexpod that funds the building of Stompy, an 18-foot rideable walking robot, to saving abandoned or abused animals across the globe or getting creative… Read More

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