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Crowdfunding TV Channel, “PeoplesVC-TV” Set to Launch

PeoplesVC announced today that it will soon be launching PeoplesVC-TV, the media platform hopes to revolutionize capital formation for startups and existing small businesses thus helping to create meaningful American Jobs.  The site currently shows the channel will launch in the next twenty days. The… Read More

The ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie May Be Latest Project to Receive Crowdfunding

Hoo boy. This crowdfunding fad is really getting out of control. Sure, it gave everybody the “Veronica Mars” movie they always wanted but it has also crushed the meager dreams of Melissa Joan Hart, emboldened Zach Braff to unleash even more of his curdled whimsy on the world… Read More

“Funded” TV Show Ramping Up, Accepting Project Pitches Now

Baratunde Thurston is a comedian, writer and entrepreneur based in New York City and he wants to hear about your crowdfunding project. Thurston is currently teaming with AOL Studios on a web series called Funded and its intent is to cover crowdfunding as a new process… Read More

‘Canceled’ Doesn’t Mean Canceled Anymore, And That’s A Big Problem

Happy Endings is hanging by a thread at ABC. Heroes has been canceled since 2010. Pushing Daises has been, well, pushing up daisies since it went kaput almost four years ago. But fans needn’t worry. The word “canceled” simply doesn’t hold that much weight these days. Any defunct show can… Read More

RocketHub Teams With A&E To Put Crowdfunding On TV

RocketHub has announced a partnership with A&E that will give select entrepreneurs listing on the RocketHub platform a great opportunity to get some exposure and possibly some funding. A&E is the first major television network involved in the crowdfunding movement, and RocketHub is proud to… Read More

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