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Top Ten Technology Campaigns on Indiegogo

Indiegogo has experienced some pretty phenomenal success in tech crowdfunding. Their largest campaign to date  for any category – remains the Ubuntu Edge.   This next generation smartphone raised almost $13 Million but fell far short of their $32 Milllion goal.  While their crowdfunding campaign… Read More

Why crowdfunding is the world’s incubation platform

Courtesy ptmoney.com

Most of us have heard of the Pebble watch, Tesla museum, Amanda Palmer or even the Karen Klein bus monitor campaigns. These crowdfunding hits captured media attention across the world in 2012, and arguably catapulted crowdfunding into the mainstream vernacular. Yet, the true revolution of crowdfunding isn’t happening in our newspapers… Read More

Mission accomplished: The Oatmeal raises $875,000 to build a museum honoring Nikola Tesla

After successfully booting an IP troll in the financial groin a couple of months ago, Matthew Inman (better known to the Internet as The Oatmeal) has done it again. This time Inman was aiming to raise $850,000 in order to save a project that would build a museum to honor… Read More

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