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Crowdfunding Mailbox: TrapTap Saves You From Speeding Tickets, Artbrew Home Craft Brewery & Woodies, the Perfect Chino

  I have been known to receive a speeding ticket or two in my many years of driving. I used to always have a radar detector in my car that was quickly stashed under a seat when driving in a region where they were illegal…. Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Woodies Micro-Manufactures Fitted Shirts, Ola Fingerprint Lock & Bartesian, the Nespresso of Cocktails

With the implementation of Title IV of the JOBS Act, otherwise called Regulation A+, we have entered a new step in the leveling the playing field for investors gaining access to early stage companies and companies ability to raise capital in a “mini-IPO” type structure. Previously… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Storium, Woodies & Bluetooth Sports Headband

For this weeks Mailbox we have two Kickstarter and a single Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign:  Storium from San Jose, California, Woodies Clothing from New York City and the Smart  Headband from our mates in Manchester, United Kingdom. First up is Storium crowdfunding on Kickstarter now.  This… Read More

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