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Exo Labs Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal, Simultaneously Announces Series A Financing

Exo Labs, creator of the Focus Microscope Camera, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $29,000 to fund their Focus Microscope Camera.  As explained on the campaign page these funds would be used to; … ignite curiosity in the next generation of scientists.  We hope… Read More

‘Crabstarter’ project gives an insight into indie mobile-game economics

Two Lives Left says it spent $100k developing Crabitron for iPad, but has only made $3.8k back so far. Independent mobile games developer Two Lives Left is sharing sales data from its iPad game Crabitron in a spoof Kickstarter crowdfunding page. The Australian studio’s “Crabstarter” project was started as a tongue-in-cheek marketing… Read More

Dark Sky: From Kickstarter to App Store Success

Back in Oct. 2011, two developers, Adam Grossman and Jack Turner, put a video on Kickstarter with an ambitious goal: help them bring their magical-looking short-term weather prediction app to the public. The app is called Dark Sky [iTunes link], and it’s a weather app with a very cool… Read More

Crowdfunding Tech: 3 Cool Crowdfund Items for Your Smartphone

As a gadget / tech lover the advent of crowdfunding has really created a windfall of new devices to covet – for both iOS and Android devices.  I am constantly amazed at the creativity and ingenuity crowdfunding has allowed to bring to the masses and… Read More

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