Editorial opinions on the burgeoning industry of CrowdFunding and the associated regulations.

Report: Coinbase Says it was Signing Up 50,000 A DAY Last Year. Meanwhile Crypto Tanks

Even while crypto is tanking inciting fears of crypto doom, Coinbase marches onward ignoring the daily vacillations of the market. In a report from Bloomberg today, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared that during 2017 they were signing up a whopping 50,000 each and every day. He… Read More

PeerIQ CEO Ram Ahluwalia on OCC Fintech Charter: Consumers Win if it is Implemented Correctly

At the end of July, the US Department of Treasury published a wide-sweeping document on Fintech innovation in the US and what must be done to boost innovation in financial services. While much of the document addressed much needed regulatory reform and overlapping state and… Read More

Perspective: FCA Regulatory Shift on P2P May Help Bolster Sector & Build Trust with Investors

The Financial Conduct Authority will Update Rules for Loan Based Crowdfunding. Crowd2Fund CEO Chris Hancock Shares His Perspective. The growth and success of P2P lending, and its positive effect on the UK economy, cannot be disputed. Initially starting out as curiosity during the depths of… Read More

What’s Going on with IOTO? Public Dispute Raises Unfortunate Questions

Last week, IOTA – one of the most interesting blockchain projects around that has also had its fair share of controversy, published a public letter from the founders and the IOTA Foundation Board. In the missive, IOTA commented on a recently “leaked” conversation that allegedly… Read More

Schwarmfinanzierung: Deloitte Study on “Crowdlending” in Germany says Banks Win

Deloitte Germany has published research on the crowdfunding sector and when it comes to comparing new forms of online capital formation and old banks – banks win. That is, at least in the eyes of the Deloitte research. Deloitte states that when it comes to… Read More

FinCEN Director Kenneth Blanco Addresses Tough Topic of Cryptocurrency, Attorney Joshua Klayman Adds Insight to Topics Discussed

This week, at an event in Chicago that focused on legal questions swirling around the emerging cryptocurrency industry, FinCEN Director Kenneth Blanco delivered a much anticipated speech regarding his agency’s thoughts on digital assets and virtual currencies. FinCEN is part of the US Department of… Read More

Trading Bitcoin Is Easy, Yale Economists Say

The best time to buy Bitcoin, according to Yale economists Yukon Liu and Aleh Tsyvinski, is when the price goes up 20% in a week, The Independent reports. This is because of strong momentum factors, say the researchers: “Specifically, we determine that there is a strong… Read More

Nova Credit Expands into Latin America: Solving Credit Access for Immigrants, One Country at a Time

Nova Credit, started as a Stanford graduate research project in 2015, has quickly gained ground as a cross-border credit reporting agency aiming to solve the problem of credit access for immigrants and underbanked.  The platform will begin serving immigrants from South America through partnering with the Brazilian credit bureau… Read More

Research: Marketplace Lending DOES Benefit Borrowers but Improving Credit Scores May Mean More Debt

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the benefits of marketplace lending when it comes to consumer loans.  A Federal Reserve study hammered peer to peer lending (ie marketplace lending) in late 2017 only to see the study pulled as industry advocates highlighted shortcomings in… Read More

Moody’s on Treasury’s Fintech Recommendations: Increased Competition will Help Boost Economic Activity but Poses Risks to Incumbents Unable to Keep Up

  The US Department of Treasury’s report on Fintech has been welcomed by many engaged in the sector of innovative finance. The document published outlined a litany of changes necessary to further the goal of modernizing financial services – most importantly is the existing regulatory… Read More

Petition the SEC: Raise the Crowdfunding Limit to $20 Million

“small businesses are still shut out from equity crowdfunding due to the current regulatory constraints.” Recently, a group of prominent small business advocates and crowdfunding industry insiders sent a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton. The group, which included representatives of… Read More

Darren Marble: Bullish on the Emerging Security Token Offering Market in the US

Darren Marble, CEO and founder of CrowdfundX, a firm that provides a modern spin on financial marketing for the new world of Fintech and online capital formation,  recently commented on the trends and observations in the U.S. security token market. In the write up, Marble made various… Read More

Why Real Estate Deals, Not Startups are the Big Success Story of Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding for startups was supposed to be a game-changer. The excitement began in 2013 when Title II of the JOBS Act gave individuals who met certain requirements for income or net worth—called accredited investors—the ability to invest in some types of assets that had… Read More

Attorney Brian Korn: Fintech Charters Will NOT be Effective Unless Federal Preemption is Available to Holders

After years of discussion, and multiple attempts by traditional finance to block a Fintech Charter offered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), in a surprise move the OCC announced this week it would begin accepting applications from Fintechs to gain a… Read More

Crowdcube Touts 19X Returns Generated by Early Investors in Revolut

Revolut is a Fintech unicorn and a prominent digital only challenger bank with global aspirations. In July, Revolut announced it had signed up 1 million UK customers and were adding new business accounts at a pace of around 120 a day. Revolut founder and CEO… Read More

Representative Huizenga Seeks Industry Fairness, But Needs More Info on Crypto

  House Representative Bill Huizenga of Michigan told Bloomberg July 27th that American regulations may need to be modernized to support crypto industries and ensure that retail investors get a piece of the action. “We’ve seen so much more of the capital getting locked up into… Read More

Forrester Research: 2018 “A Year of Reckoning for Blockchain Projects”

A “serious pruning of (blockchain) projects” can be expected in 2018, according to Forester Research, a Massachusetts-based market research firm. According to Forrester’s latest report on blockchain, “Predictions 2018: A Year of Reckoning,” the consolidation will come as more and more people tune out the… Read More

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Calls Fintech Developments Important Steps for Global Leadership

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (formerly the CFPB) has chimed in to add their voice of support to the report on Fintech emanating out of the US Department of Treasury and the Office of the Comptroller Currency’s decision to immediately accept applications for Fintech… Read More

Boom: OCC Begins Accepting Fintech Charter Applications Following Treasury Report that Urged Comptroller to Move Forward

Following a report on Fintech published by the US Department of Treasury that encouraged the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) to move forward with Fintech Charters, the OCC announced it has begun accepting applications for “national bank charters from non-depository financial technology… Read More

Chamber of Digital Commerce & Token Alliance Publish Digital Token & ICO Guidelines, Addresses Challenge of Utility Tokens

The Chamber of Digital Commerce’s and their Token Alliance, an initiative of more than 350 blockchain and token experts from around the globe, has published a set of guidelines to help shape the responsible growth of the token and initial coin offering (ICO) markets. The document called Understanding Digital Tokens:… Read More