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CEO of bitFlyer, Ami Nagata, Says MiCA Will Place Europe at the Centre of the Blockchain, Crypto-Asset World

  On June 30, 2024, the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regime went into effect in the EU. MiCA regulates non-security digital assets, including stablecoins. The EU legislation aims to create an environment where digital asset innovation may take place while providing a compliant ecosystem to… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Tells Commission to Increase Threshold for Reviewed Financials Under Reg CF

The SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC) has posted its recommendation to the Commission, taking the stance that issuers using Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) should receive some relief under the current requirement to provide reviewed financials starting at an offering of $124,000. The… Read More

James Toledano, COO at Savl, Shares Perspective on Evolving Cyber Security Landscape and How It Impacts Crypto Industry

    James Toledano, Chief Operating Officer at Savl, a self-custodial crypto and Web3 wallet that combines encryption, unique functionality, and intuitive design, has recently commented on key crypto / digital assets industry insights in a discussion with Crowdfund Insider. James Toledano from Savl has… Read More

Crowdfund Capital Advisors Reveals “Crowdfunding Genome” – Phoenix/Scottsdale Top Hub, Beats Bay Area

Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) has distributed its new “Crowdfunding Genome,” an ecosystem report and visualization of the crowdfunding industry. The report includes the hot spots in the US, and the Phoenix/Scottsdale region is in the top spot, beating out the traditional startup ecosystem of the… Read More

Labour Government to Support UK Fintech, May See £328 Billion Tax Boost from Key Sector

The new Labour government is expected to “embrace” the UK Fintech industry. The UK has long been a top global financial services sector, and support of Fintech is key to growth and ongoing relevance. According to a report in CityAM, the new Chancellor of the… Read More

Seedrs to Rebrand as Republic Europe

Seedrs, based in the UK but operating across the European continent as a securities crowdfunding platform, will rebrand as Republic Europe. Seedrs was founded in 2012 by Jeff Lynn, an American and former corporate attorney at Sullivan and Cromwell, and Carlos Silva as part of a… Read More

GOP Platform: Trump to Support Crypto, Halt CBDCs, Champion AI Innovation

Beyond some of the most vocal policies currently being promoted by former President Donald Trump, the 2024 GOP platform promises to “Make America Great Again” while supporting innovation in the US. As part of the innovation initiative, crypto gets a shout-out—something diametrically opposed to the… Read More

P2P Lender SoLo Funds Settles with Pennsylvania Over Allegations of “Illegal Tip and Donation Scheme”

SoLo Funds, a peer to peer lender, has settled allegations brought by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. In a public statement, the AG claimed that Solo Funds “deceptively led borrowers to belive they were receiving interest free loans.” Allegedly, the loans actually incorporated “outrageously inflated… Read More

Kenny Chan from StraitsX Explains How Stablecoins Could Impact Global Financial Ecosystem

  Kenny Chan, GM at StraitsX, recently shared key insights with Crowdfund Insider. StraitsX is a payments infrastructure for the digital assets space in Southeast Asia. The company is also a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is part of… Read More

New Labour Government Arrives: Fintechs React

As the Tories lick their wounds after a historic defeat in the polls, we wonder what Labour’s rise will mean for the vital Fintech industry and tech in general. While incoming Prime Minister Keir Starmer has published a hundred-day plan, it is not yet apparent… Read More

Payments Association Readies for New Government, Asks for Incoming Chancellor to Support Fintech

As polls close and everyone expects a landslide win for Labour, the Payments Association in the UK has invited the next Chancellor of the Exchequer to “show leadership” and support the payments sector and Open Banking ambitions. The Payments Association has drafted a letter outlining… Read More

Miguel Buffara, Lead Financial Engineer at RACE, Explains How RWA Tokenization Is Improving Investments for HNWIs

Miguel Buffara, Lead Financial Engineer at RACE, recently commented on how RWA tokenization is enhancing investment processes for HNWIs. Miguel Buffara from RACE explained that it could be beneficial to tokenize real-world assets for various use-cases. Buffara also shared details about RACE and the impact… Read More

Footnote: SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda Says Tailored Registration Statement Needed for Digital Assets

In commenting on a rule adopted this week pertaining to Registered Index-Linked Annuities and an amended registration form to accommodate these offerings, SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda slipped in a note about his opinion as to how crypto or digital asset offerings may be managed going… Read More

Raising Capital: The Start of Something New

The ecosystem for capital-raising for commercial real estate is slowly embracing something new: the ability to raise significant capital directly from retail investors and blending it with capital from family offices, and other smaller institutions. We’re in a new age of capital raising for the… Read More

Roberto José Catalán, Co-founder of Aligned, Explains How ZK Tech Will Onboard Significant Number of Crypto and Blockchain Users

While some say adoption will ruin crypto, diluting the core principles this industry was built on, Aligned CEO Roberto José Catalán is on a mission to improve the accessibility of financial tools that are easy to use and free from third-party restrictions. Aligned is described… Read More

Mt. Gox to Distribute Billions in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash

Mt. Gox will soon start distributing around $9 billion in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In a notice posted on the Mt. Gox website, the entity said distributions will start in July: “The Rehabilitation Trustee has been preparing payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in accordance… Read More

As MiCA Goes into Force, Tokeny Draws Attention to the Fact it does not Regulate Digital Securities

Top European tokenization platform, Tokeny, has distributed an email highlighting the fact that MiCA or Markets in Crypto Assets regulation, does not regulated digital assets which are securities or other financial assets. MiCA goes into force on June 30, 2024. The EU regulation provides rules… Read More

Investor Choice Advocates Network (ICAN) Lauds Supreme Court Decision Requiring Right for a Jury Trial for Individuals and Firms Targeted by SEC Civil Suits

The Investor Choice Advocates Network (ICAN) has issued a statement pertaining to the US Supreme Court’s decision issued today regarding SEC v. Jarkesy. The Supreme Court has ruled that when the Securities and Exchange Commission seeks civil penalties against a defendant for securities fraud, the… Read More

Venu Appana from Global Fintech Finastra Shares Perspective on the Current State of BNPL and Embedded Lending Ecosystem

We recently connected with Venu Appana from global Fintech Finastra, who helped us learn more about embedded lending services. Venu talked about the various concerns about BNPL products. He also helped us gain a better understanding of the overall Fintech industry trends and the current state… Read More

Online Investment Platform SeedBlink Announces Continuous Funding for Issuers

SeedBlink, a European securities crowdfunding platform, has announced “Rolling Facility,” a feature that is said to enable continuous funding for issuers on the platform. While it is becoming commonplace for early-stage firms to pursue multiple offerings on online platforms, somewhat similar to VC/Angel rounds, SeedBlink… Read More

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