10 Tweets from Today’s #CrowdFilmChat You Need to See

As an investor, where can you get more info on the prospects of investing in film? EarlyShares will release their own educational site soon.


EarlyShares will charge between 5 and 8 percent for successful raises.


Differentiating between where we’ve been and where we’re about to go…


On the question of how traditional funding sources and the crowd can coexist, Guy Zajonc shared this…


A bit of timeline optimism from EarlyShares. Early 2013 would be nice!


An equity raise doesn’t prohibit the use of other types of crowdfunding in an effort to raise capital.


Zajonc on how hard it is to raise money for entertainment projects. Maybe Crowdfunding will liberate the industry a bit?


The film fanatic as the investor? Maybe… to what degree remains to be seen.


Location, location, location Distribution, distribution, distribution


An example of a popular flick that had a hard time raising funds… and one that happened to feature one of the most recognizable actors around.


BONUS: Could you buy your way into a film?!

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