Why Universities Need to Get Smart on Crowdfunding

the-crowd-cafeI attended the University of Akron, a school of 20,000+ undergraduate and graduate students. What if each and every one of these students were given ubiquitous access to a platform that guaranteed them the opportunity to start a business? No arbitrary semester deadlines; no degree pigeon-holes; and no resource constraints. Across all majors, at any given time, students could catalyze their studies, passions or accidental discoveries into an entrepreneurial initiative. Big or small. Some students would plan their path; but most would likely find their way spontaneously. A consequence of a mid-semester idea, or perhaps a run in with an inspiring professor or Alumni.

The problem today is that Universities approach entrepreneurship linearly; planned programs, planned degrees, planned time lines, et cetera. But this linear approach fails in the very non-linear world students live in. (In fact, it’s the world we all live in!) Not all students know what entrepreneurship is—let alone if they want to become one, let alone when or how. Linear fails. Rather, students need to be surrounded with resources and opportunities that can be acted upon anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, by anyone. Regardless major.

And this is where crowdfunding steps in. An integrated crowdfunding solution, supported and championed by the University, is one step towards achieving this. And much more. Let’s look at how.

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