Crowdtilt Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Funds Without a Product

Crowdtilt Campaign Sell mystery product

A crowdfunding campaign launched on maverick crowdfunding platform Crowdtilt is seeking support for a mystery product.  Yep – you can back the campaign now without having any idea what you are backing.  Even better the campaign “Tilted” (became funded) when 250 mystery products were “sold”.  As of last glance 428 products have been purchased.  With the campaign closing soon, this coming Wednesday (July 23rd), the mystery will soon be solved.  To support the project you only have to kick in $9 so your risk level is pretty low.

This is the idea of Jordan Bishop who recently posted on Medium that he was “going to do something I’ve never seen done before”.

Jordon BishopJordon gives some clues about the product in the campaign description:

  • I’ve been working on this product for several months now. I’ve had two different designers specialize in the two intricate processes required to build the physical product, and I’ve worked with countless manufacturers and suppliers of everything from raw materials to packaging to make sure every component of the finished product is just right. I’m not cutting any corners.
  • There are 24 SKUs (24 distinct items). All 24 follow the same general theme, but each SKU reaches a different target audience.
  • It’s something you will give to someone else. It could be anyone from a co-worker to your significant other; it’s just as appropriate for either.
  • Each unit retails for $4.50.

Jordon states that he guarantees you can easily use 12 of these within the next 12 months – and if not – money will be returned.  He continues that;

“Science shows that when you take a leap of faith for someone else, that someone gains a lot of trust for you in return. When else can you buy my trust for $9?”

So if you are willing to gamble 9 bucks as several hundred trusting individuals have already done give it a shot.  You will know what you are buying later this week.  The product is scheduled to ship later July too – so you will be able to put this “mystery” to use immediately..

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