TrackR Bravo Exceeds $1M in Funding on Indiegogo: Never Lose Anything Ever Again

TrackR Bravo has continued to exceed the team’s expectations, and, as predicted by trackR logoCrowdfund Insider’s JD Alois, has raised over $1,084,000; the startup’s initial goal was $20,000.

In the Santa Barbara-based company’s 6th iteration of the tracking device, if an item goes missing, TrackR’s Crowd GPS network will help find it.  When another user of the TrackR app comes within 100ft range of a lost item, the owner will receive a GPS update of where your item is. Other details of the TrackR bravo that have helped draw the support of over 15,659 backers and counting include its metal construction,  coin-sized design which measure 3.5mm x 31 mm diameter, distance indicator, phone finder, separation alert, item iPhone Trackr Bravoringer, crowd GPS and fully customizable app alert sound.  In addition, each TrackR bravo individually laser etched to display a short message such as return information or a cat or dog’s name.  The device is available in black, rose gold, sky, and steel and includes accessory packs to track even more items with the Pet Collar Attachment  (A water-proof attachment that easily attaches to a pet’s collar) a Steel Key Loop (An extra durable metal key loop that hooks onto keys, backpacks, purses, etc), and a Water Proof Casing (Take TrackR bravo everywhere, including the water park, by the pool, at the beach, or at the lake).

One of the first to develop on Android using the Bluetooth Low Energy APIs, TrackR is an early adopter of BLE technology on Android;  Android is supported at launch.  TrackR bravo is also iOS 7 and iOS 8 Compatible.

Additional Q &A from Team TrackR bravo include:

How big is TrackR bravo? We designed TrackR bravo to be so small that it can be trackR 2attached discretely to virtually anything. It’s only 31mm diameter and 3.5mm height – about 50% thinner than previous designs.

How many TrackR bravo devices can a smartphone find?  Using the TrackR app, a smartphone can manage up to 10 TrackR bravo devices at once on iOS. Android this number varies from 1-10.

How do I replace the battery in my TrackR bravo? TrackR bravo has a suicide battery door that swings open, making battery replacement easier than ever. Uses a CR1616 battery.

How does TrackR bravo attach to items? The back of TrackR bravo can be stuck to almost any surface. The device also has a convenient loop that can also attach to keychains.

How is TrackR bravo different from other finder products?

  1. Two-Way Technology: Find your item using your phone or find your phone trackR dogusing your StickR TrackR Device.
  2. Thinnest Device Available: TrackR bravo is nearly 50% thinner than previous designs.
  3. Crowd GPS: Technology that allows users to locate their items after they have been lost. TrackR’s network is the world’s largest, locating lost items 8 times every minute
  4. Separation Alarm: Notifies you when leaving an item behind as well as remembers where you left the item on a GPS map.
  5. Sustainability: The device is meant to last a lifetime and has replaceable batteries.
  6. Being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking (!)

Click here for further updates and information on TrackR Bravo’s Indiegogo campaign.  Five days remain on the startup’s campaign.

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  • Erika Alarid

    Very pleased with TrackR customer service!

    My Palm Desert Post office lost my package, they argued that the postman stated they delivered my package so I guess I’m just going out of my way making calls for a week to get something I already received??? I think not. I contacted TrackR customer service via email this morning explaining what happened and a couple hours later they responded! They said they were sorry for the trouble my post office put me through, and if I could provide them with proof they would be happy to resend me my item at no additional charge! This was such a HUGE relief!

    Their customer service was quick to resolve my issue and it wasn’t even their fault! Best customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

  • NormanHendricks

    Still looking forward to my very own as well after more than a year. Never have confidence in them along with your cash. Browse the best soccer rebounder reviews as well, the items are close to worthless except if in wireless Bluetooth range.

  • Landis Cole

    Two and a half years and not a peep from them. I can’t believe you can get away with this type of fraud. The government must be behind it.

  • Megan

    still waiting for mine also after over a year

  • Scott Piercy

    Do not Order from these people. I helped to fund their startup over a year ago with the promise of getting a order when production started. It has been months and I have gotten nothing but a run around. Do NOT trust them with your money.



  • EJ Owens

    DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! They’ll be happy to allow you to pay for it, but the product WILL NEVER SHIP. They have a vended customer service department that is completely useless, too. Call me if you have questions. I don’t care how much money they’ve been given to get their business off the ground, if they don’t or can’t ship their product, they’re useless! EJ Owens, 760-902-1238

  • ex_sda

    Still waiting for mine….. not holding high hopes

  • Ricardo Fernandez

    im wait since october 2014 and never arrived

  • Ted

    Never lose anything ever again, after the $100 spent on the TrackR Bravos that never arrived.

    • Frederic Freeload…. start a class action … there are lot of very disappointed people …

  • Ted

    Where do I get my refund on the 10 never sent to me? The website is completely devoid of contact info.

  • Richard Page

    After funding these people back in July of 2014′ we were promised devices to help them get off the ground come December, December came and went come January we were updated saying an improved software meant delays and we would receive in January, January came and went and I still received emails saying promote us to your freinds for affiliate bonus devices ect. I asked where they were, more delays meant they would ship in March but some had been sent.. March came and went now April and I’ve emailed again demanding refund on my 10 devices ordered. Made more shocking from the fact that you can now buy these devices from a Amazon when original funders have been left waiting. Atrocious. That’s the end of my crowd funding investment thanks to these clowns. Read the reviews too, the things are next to useless unless in Bluetooth range.

  • Abdul Razzak

    Hello friends, if you don’t want to be a loser, trace out your missing items with TrackR Bravo. …

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