Angel Investing Helps Power Economic Growth (Infographic)

I love AngelsThis is an interesting infographic designed by the creative team over at SeedInvest.  It depicts the importance of angel investing and gives the viewer some numbers to work with.  SeedInvest has been one of the leaders in the battle to save angel investing.  Paradoxically there are some people out there who believe angel investing should be restricted – making it more difficult for people to fund young, innovative companies.  Why do they want to diminish angel investing?  Well they believe that bureaucrats and politicians are better stewards of your hard earned money.  We all know the federal government has an excellent record of managing their own finances too.

Hopefully common sense will prevail and angel investing will become easier, not more difficult because:

  • Angels invest $20 billion in about 60,000 startups each year
  • While angel investing is prominent in California, it drives significant innovation in regions like the mid-west (think Detroit… Cleveland..)_
  • Funding small companies drives economic growth
  • Economic growth means more jobs… and that is a good thing…



Angel Investing from SeedInvest

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