Freezy Freakies Back from the ’80s on Kickstarter: The Future Is In Your Hands

freezy freakiesWith just over two weeks left on the campaign, Freezy Freakies “high tech” gloves are back on Kickstarter... it’s about time.    Alas, my beloved I ♥️ Snow gloves are not making a comeback, but unicorns, turbo cars, alpine skiers and fighter jets are back to warm the hands of adults during the season’s wintery mix.  Children are out of luck this campaign; the gloves are only available in unisex adult sizes. Kickstarting for the fourth time, Buffoonery Factory has raised over $49,450 to date on its campaign with over 1,050 backers, swiftly surpassing its $10,000 goal.

Readers may remember their hands being cold despite the stylish thermochromic ink, ink that changes color with the temperature. While the ink remains transparent at room temperature, it turns colorful with cold temperatures. “Some might call it science, some might call it tubular. Either way, science class is officially over. Tubularism reigns supreme,” explained the company. To keep adult hands warmer, a soft microfleece lining and a warm Thinsulate(TM) midlayer has been added.

frezzy freakiesWhy reintroduce the gloves now? According to the campaign, “After years of searching for Freezy Freakies as (sort of) adults, we realized two things: 1) they’ve been out of production for a while, and 2) they were never even made in adult sizes. The other glove brands that have survived since the ’80s all seem to have matured in their styles, regardless of the fact that many of us did not. Totally uncool, right? Well the solution became clear: we had to bring back Freezy Freakies in their original ’80s designs, adding some more modern materials for comfort, and in adult sizes for the first time ever.”

Buffonery Factory shared its risks and challenges on the campaign: “This is our fourth Kickstarter project to-date, and we’ve got a pretty solid track record of delivering rewards on-time. Our initial campaign in 2012 (Griz Coat) was delivered mostly on time (a couple reward tiers ended up a few weeks behind schedule). And despite very aggressive timelines on our next two campaigns in 2013 and 2014 (Panda Coat and Griz Rug), we ended up sending out all reward tiers on-schedule to the timely survey-responders. For full disclosure, we should note that we have one remaining reward tier still to be fulfilled for the Griz Rug campaign, but we’re all set to have that delivered on-time freezy freaky 1later this month. The bigger difference with this Freezy Freakies campaign is that this is our first Kickstarter project where the manufacturing is being done overseas. Our previous three campaigns involved US manufacturing just a short drive from home. So to prevent any hiccups, we actually delayed the launch of this campaign until we were very confident that we could deliver the rewards on-time and before the end of winter. So while we can’t be certain about an on-time delivery (imports are always subject to unforeseen delays at the port or at the borders), we wouldn’t be launching if we weren’t confident we could hit our timelines. We plan to be very transparent with updates if anything happens, good or bad.”

As expected, backers of this campaign receive Freezy Freakies.  The higher pledge levels of $50-$225 are sold out, but the gloves excepting the Unicorns may still be secured at the $29 level.  Don’t be left out in the cold; the campaign ends 7 February 2015: “The future is in your hands.”


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