OurCrowd Reveals Top Ten Investment Tech Trends at 2017 Global Investor Summit

Global equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd announced the top ten investment tech trends during its 2017 Global Investor Summit. The event attracted 6,000 guests from 82 countries. Also in attendance were more than 200 multinational corporations, which includes Honda, Innogy, GE, Shell, Intuit, Microsoft, and Samsung Ventures.

The top ten investment tech trends are the following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Go Mainstream: OurCrowd revealed, “Driven by exponentially faster computing power and cloud computing, ‘teaching machines’ is becoming easier and more scalable, enabling AI to go mainstream across a wide range of industries: including consumer marketing and retail, entertainment, digital health, and newer areas like autonomous driving and advanced robotics.”
  2. Seeing Is Believing – VR and AR Become a Critical Business Tool: The funding portal noted, “In our view, VR and AR are about to go mainstream and will be used across a wide range of sectors from sports analytics to building airplane wings. These are definitely interesting technologies to keep an eye on!”
  3. Obey the Sound of My Voice – Voice-Driven Apps Filter Out the Noise:  OurCrowd explained, “We believe the era of voice-driven computing is coming. In the last 10 years, we have moved from primarily using keyboards to swiping and using touch-screens. OurCrowd believes that in the next five years we will move to talking to our devices as the primary mode of man – machine communication.”
  4. Apples and Oranges – AgTech Disrupts the World’s Oldest Industry: The platform stated, “Traditionally farming is a family owned business and we now see how second generation of farmers are much more techie and open to adopt advanced farming technologies. In addition, the last two years have seen mass consolidation between leading players in AgTech creating deep pockets and a big appetite for acquisitions.”
  5. Industrial and Agricultural Drones Take Off: OurCrowd shared, “Drones are already playing critical roles in facility security, mining, oil and gas exploration, crop protection and surveying landmass. Building industrial scale drones, which are robust and reliable is difficult and challenging, but companies that can meet that challenge are where we want to focus.”
  6. Is That a Doctor in Your Pocket? Digital Revolutionizes Healthcare: The funding website revealed, “As much as we try not to overuse this term, artificial intelligence is actually a powerful factor in the rapidly growing digital health sector. Letting us crunch old data sets from electronic medical records all the way to data collected from wearables will increase our quality of life and perhaps even prevent deaths. Similarly, computer vision and machine learning are enabling companies to extract new insights and diagnostics from images.”
  7. Here, There, Everywhere – Blockchain Applications Finally Take Hold: OurCrowd explained, “Timing is everything! In the buzzword competition of 2016, blockchain was the hands down winner. Since then there have been fits and starts for this important financial technology. Many VCs have been disappointed with their investments in this sector; however, we think now is the time to take a fresh look, as this technology matures and evolves beyond Bitcoin across multiple applications such as: sharing economy, data security, logistics, and of course, banking and finance.”
  8. Boldly Going Where No Company Has Gone Before – SpaceTech: The website shared, “In term of funding needs, what used to be super-expensive is becoming much more affordable, with standardization of hardware protocols as well as general cost reductions of consumer electronics. Satellites can now be built and launched for less than half a million dollars, creating exciting opportunities to commercialize the technology.”
  9. Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Becomes Critical: OurCrowd explained, “We believe the key shift for investing in the next few years will be a move from protecting IT infrastructure to protecting all infrastructure. We are excited about companies that are designing full-proof solutions to protect everything from automobiles to electric grids and everything in between.”
  10. Autonomous Driving Picks Up Speed: The funding portal noted, “Thanks to core technology expertise and industry-leading companies such as Waze and Mobileye, Israel has become a global hub of automotive innovation. Now that we have a direct flight to Boston and Silicon Valley; our #1prediction is that the next one will be direct to Detroit.”

Check out the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit highlights below.

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