UK P2PFA: Peer to Peer Lending Exhibits Steady Growth in Q3 2017

The UK Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) has published their quarterly numbers on sector growth for the third quarter of 2017. Covering the period between July and September 2017,  the P2PFA says the numbers confirm continued steady growth in levels of new lending and in the number of borrowers facilitating loans through peer-to-peer lending platforms.

“The performance of P2PFA platforms, in terms of the level of lending and the number of borrowers has seen continued steady growth during the last quarter – with more than £700 million lent over the period of which more than £472 million of loans went to businesses during these three months. Cumulative lending at the end of the same period in 2016 for P2PFA platforms was £4.2 billion, which underscores the continued steady progress which platforms have made in facilitating lending of more than £7.1 billion by the end of September 2017,” stated Robert Pettigrew, Director of the P2PFA. “With all P2PFA members seeking full authorisation having received the regulator’s stamp of approval, it is clear that the sector is well-placed for further responsible growth and development in the interests of its customers, both borrowers and lenders.”

The P2PFA was established in 2011 as a representative and self-regulatory body for debt-based peer-to-peer lending. P2PFA members are required to meet robust standards for the transparent, fair and orderly operation of peer-to-peer lending. The current members include: Folk2Folk, Funding Circle, Landbay, Lending Works, Market Invoice, ThinCats and Zopa. Over the years, the P2PFA has altered its membership. Most recently, RateSetter removed itself from the group.

P2PFA Q3 2017Q4 2016Q1 2017Q2 2017Q3 2017
Cumulative lending£4,888,231,038£5,708,635,402£6,391,925,730£7,168,727,657
o/w lending to businesses£2,922,779,264£3,487,208,822£3,924,226,666£4,440,151,180
o/w lending to individuals£1,965,451,774£2,221,426,580£2,467,699,064£2,728,576,477
Base stock of loans (outstanding loan book)£2,132,049,663£2,497,408,800£2,745,490,796£2,958,326,435
o/w lending to businesses£1,213,693,991£1,470,605,094£1,630,765,546£1,754,510,098
o/w lending to individuals£918,335,672£1,026,803,706£1,114,725,250£1,204,816,337
New Lending£603,011,422£703,047,838£666,096,755£733,270,490
o/w lending to businesses£404,171,535£447,073,032£419,818,940£472,393,077
o/w lending to individuals£198,839,887£255,974,806£246,277,815£260,877,413
Capital repaid£370,158,773£401,358,998£411,834,014£508,891,428
o/w lending to businesses£249,776,784£253,832,226£253,477,742£337,105,103
o/w lending to individuals£120,381,989£147,526,772£158,356,272£171,786,325
Net Lending Flow£237,151,881£305,679,840£254,262,739£228,055,356
o/w lending to businesses£158,793,983£197,231,806£166,341,195£138,964,268
o/w lending to individuals£78,457,898£108,448,034£87,921,544£89,091,088
Number of current lenders121,476128,000140,098134,658
Number of current borrowers191,055214,631231,189246,813
o/w are businesses29,59434,56639,04343,425
o/w are individuals161,461180,065192,146203,388

Q4 2016Q1 2017Q2 2017Q3 2017
Funding Circle£1,524,427,000£1,830,397,245£2,158,457,107£2,747,357,362
Lending Works£33,636,000£39,368,050£48,864,686£71,699,386
Zopa£1,731,685,000£1,926,038,724£2,172,561,894 £2,656,877,091
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