Bankorus Partners with New Blockchain Accelerator AI Catapult, Part of

Bankorus (formerly MiCai), a provider of Robo-advisor solutions to wealth management companies and individuals with a combined AUM of $30 billion, is partnering with AI Catapult, the new Blockchain and AI accelerator created by is one of the largest digital commerce platforms in the world with more than 266 million customers. is the world’s third-largest internet company by revenue and is said to be the world’s leading company in commercial AI applications.  AI Catapult is designed to give participating startups the opportunity to cooperate extensively with business units throughout’s massive retail business, providing real-world, large-scale applications for the most innovative AI and blockchain research and development.

As the first company to work with JD on the creation of AI Catapult, Bankorus expects to provide thought leadership and resource support for AI Catapult, helping other startups to collaborate with industry leaders and leverage the network.

Using Blockchain technology, Bankorus is providing a crypto wealth management solution for high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) that ensures their investments in crypto-assets are secure and managed properly.

According to the company, Bankorus and will combine their resources and leverage technologies with the mission of providing a collaborative, open, and focused environment for the growth of blockchain businesses to grow and scale quickly. The program will provide educational seminars on all blockchain technology.

Bankorus CEO and co-founder Greg Van den Bergh believes the power of Blockchain has the capability to disrupt industries from finance to agriculture.

“…while the use-cases for blockchain technology is broad, many blockchain startups are unable to jumpstart their business as the developmental process is riddled with speed bumps,” said Van den Bergh. “We are excited to partner with and give startups the boost they need in such a competitive landscape.”

Uri Ferruccio, Director of Strategy and Investment for JD’s AI Platform and Research Division, said they were delighted to bring their AI resources to the table to partner with Bankorus and help Blockchain startups.

“As JD works to develop the future of global commerce, AI Catapult will support as it explores how AI can improve the scalability, security, privacy and efficiency of blockchain, and enable novel and improved applications in areas such as distributed AI.”

In 2013, Bankorus launched the first Robo-advisor in China, and is now developing an AI-powered and blockchain-based wealth management solution. Bankorus reports that it currently has over 200,000 clients across China, Europe and the USA.

Bankorus is co-founded by Van den Bergh and Eagle An, the former Head of Wealth Management at CreditEase who brought CreditEase to become China’s number two private wealth management company in three years. Bankorus’ board of advisors includes Lon Wong, President of the NEM Foundation, and Chris Van Aeken, former CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank AG.


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