hack.summit (“blockchain”) and Global Virtual Hackathon to Benefit Coding Nonprofits

Venture capital firm Hack VC is prepping for its bi-annual event, hack.summit(), a gathering and hackathon of some of the world’s key technical leaders in blockchain. To be held virtually on 9-11July 2018, this year’s hack.summit() theme is blockchain, with headline speakers including technical founders of projects including ZCash, Ripple, Mt.Gox, Kadena, Stellar, DFINITY, Monero, Oasis Labs, Orchid, Bancor, TrustToken and Basis.

Blockchain fever is only getting stronger. As Peggy Lee sung, “Never know how much I love you, Never know how much I care…I get a fever that’s so hard to bear, Fever in the morning, Fever all through the night. Sun lights up the daytime. Moon lights up the night…” Sound like you may have blockchain fever? Blockchain calling your name, night and day? This conference just may prove be the cure…

“Physical conferences in real-life typically exist for a business purpose: to maximize profits for their centralized stewards. Indeed, there have been many blockchain conferences over the past year that have this goal. We believe this is a missed opportunity.  The decentralized nature of blockchain democratizes access and eliminates rent-seeking middlemen,” shared Hack VC and hack.summit() founder Ed Roman. “We believe this concept should be applied to events as well.  hack.summit() embraces this theme — the event is decentralized and has no physical presence. Speakers from around the globe unite to focus on providing free technical education.  No centralized authority seeks to profit, and the event is inclusive of a global community of 157 countries without requiring speakers nor attendees to travel.”

The event, which has claimed to be one of the largest gathering of developers across the globe, is a pure-virtual, not-for-profit event, which aims to educate and encourage the advancement of technology, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. The event gathers leading technical founders of blockchain foundations to educate the world on important blockchain topics.

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“To ensure equitable access to learning, hack.summit(“blockchain”) does not charge standard ticket fees. Instead, we ask all attendees to contribute a donation if they are able, which will be donated to our non-profit partners,” added Roman. “For those who are unable to donate, free admittance is available by simply sharing the event with friends online to help us find more donors. In this way, developers all over the world can participate in our community regardless of their economic situation.”

hack.summit(“blockchain”) will also feature a global virtual hackathon, giving developers the opportunity to “hack for good”, with both the chance to win tokens donated from blockchain foundations, as well as help raise funds for charitable causes via sponsorship donations. The hackathon will be powered by decentralized coding portal, Deconet.

“hack.summit() is able to reach a large global community through fantastic speakers and the online platform,” indicated Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival. “Women Who Code loves that the conference is accessible to all of our 137,000 global members and is honored to be the recipient of donations from the attendees to support our growing community.”

All ticket sales from the event will be donated to coding nonprofits, particularly those that support diversity in coding, which include Women Who Code, Black Girls Code, Free Code Camp, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Coder Dojo, Bridge Foundry and more. Leading organizations such as Oracle, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Github and Uber have supported the cause in previous years.

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