Republic, a Leading Securities Crowdfunding Platform, and Global Silicon Valley to Facilitate Entrepreneurs of Color Affinity Group

Republic, a leading securities crowdfunding platform and investment ecosystem has announced that it’s “thrilled” to be teaming up with the Global Silicon Valley Team, which invests in the “stars of tomorrow,” in order to facilitate the Entrepreneurs of Color Affinity Group on Tuesdays at 9 AM PT with their “incredible” Venture Partners MacConwell and @lolitataub, who is interested in investing in community-driven companies and supporting the “underestimated Founder/investor.”

According to the Global Silicon Valley team:

“The world is facing extraordinary challenges with an uncertain future for society. In other words, it’s the perfect time to start a new company.” 

They encourage people to “join the bold drivers, doers, and action agents who will be part of GSVBootcamp.”

The Dare To Dream. Dare To Be Great is a 7-week “sprint to build confidence, capabilities, connections and courage.” The online program is scheduled to run from January 25 through March 12, 2021.

Some of the featured bootcamp speakers include:

John Chambers, Former CEO, Chairman & Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems

Shellye Archambeau, Executive/Board Member

Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Famer, Entrepeneur, Philanthropist

Rachel Jarosh, President & CEP, Enactus

Harry Stebbings, Stride VC, Twenty Minute VC

Desh Deshpande, VC/Entrepreneur

Ryan Nece, Next Play Capital

Michael Moe, Founder, GSV

Jaime Schmidt, Founder, Schmidts Naturals

Arun Kumar, CEO & Chairman, KPMG India

Jeff Hoffman, Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Network

During the event, there will be Weekly General Sessions (1.5h) Plus Local Market, Industry & Affinity Breakouts (1h). Additionally, the event will feature Real-World Case Studies “showing how to not just survive but thrive as a startup.”

Then there’s the Grand Finale: Demo Day! This is when program participants will pitch their startup to investors.

Here’s a breakdown of the weekly schedule:

Week 1

The Magic of Thinking Big

Mindset of the Entrepreneur

Week 2

Are the Dogs Eating the Dog Food?

Launching Your MVP

Week 3

Skinning the Cat

Business Models & Growth Strategies

Week 4

People Power

Team & Culture

Week 5

Show Me the Money

Finance & Stakeholders

Week 6

Turning Your Silver Tongue Into Gold

Pitching Your Startup

Week 7

Demo Week!

Virtual Presentations by Bootcampers

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