BitMEX Predicts that Solana Will Challenge Ethereum, Crypto Firms will Aquire Traditional Financial Services Firms

BitMEX, a crypto derivatives exchange that will soon launch spot trading, has posted 5 predictions as to how crypto will change the world.

In summary, this is what BitMEX anticipates will happen in 2022.

First, more women will embrace crypto as currently, women make up only about 5% of crypto investors, in contrast to women being 24% of investors in traditional equities. As a high percentage of the crypt-curious crowd are said to be women, the female investors should rise in 2022. Probably a safe bet.

Perhaps more interesting, BitMEX predicts that Solana will reign as the blockchain to challenge Ethereum and differentiate itself from the other Ethereum competitors. With a TPS of 50k- 65k versus Ethereum’s pokey 15 to 30 TPS, plus an inexpensive transaction cost, Solana is well-positioned in the market. BitMEX believes Solana is the one.

Crypto-gaming will explode. Hasn’t it already? BitMEX expects that as the US Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy in its battle with inflation, “coins that support play-to-earn gaming, along with NFT-related and metaverse themes, will likely prove more resilient than other coins because their success flows from an actual change in consumer behaviour.”

Demand for high-yield interest products based on crypto will rise. This must be an outside the US prediction as the feds recently did a takedown of BlockFi’s popular crypto savings product establishing that it was a security and thus regulated by existing securities law. Still, this makes a lot of sense as investors will seek out high yield, stable returns as the economy slows down, and interest rates jump.

Finally, crypto firms will acquire “TradFi” or traditional financial services firms. This one seems like a no-brainer. Flush full of cash and seeking regulated partners, or new verticals, acquiring more traditional firms should boost crypto interest and help expand reach to new customers.


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