Filecoin Keeps Pushing Forward, Announces CDN Availability for the Masses

AWS competitor Filecoin has announced the availability of its CDN labeled “Filecoin Saturn.”

Filecoin, a project from Protocol Labs, harkens back to the initial coin offering (ICO) days when it raised a whopping $200+ million with the assistance of Coinlist. While most coin offerings of that generation withered and died, and some were the target of enforcement action, Filecoin has forged ahead with its stated mission.

Ansgar Grunseid, Filecoin Saturn Lead,  commented on the availability of the CDN:

“The launch of Saturn, Filecoin’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), delivers on two key goals of Filecoin: fast, open access to humanity’s most important information and to let anyone, anywhere participate in Filecoin’s ecosystem. Running a Saturn CDN node is, orders of magnitude, simpler and less expensive than running a Filecoin Storage Provider. Have a server? Run Saturn, serve content, and earn Filecoin. Easy. And with a lower barrier of entry for network participants and faster, more robust retrievals from IPFS and Filecoin? Saturn unlocks the next generation of Filecoin’s growth and impact.”

Filecoin claims that in the past 24 months it has “solidified its position as a legitimate challenger to the traditional cloud storage industry with over 2800 projects building on the platform and more than 18.9 billion gigabytes of available storage.”

Prior to Saturn, the path to support the Filecoin network was to become a “Storage Provider (SP),” lending out who excess storage space to others. Because the cost can be high, it can be a barrier to participation for SPs. Filecoin Saturn now means that anyone will be able to download Saturn’s open-source software, run it on their server, contribute bandwidth to the network, and earn Filecoin.


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