Vestd Streamlines Equity Management for Startups, Investors

Vestd has introduced a new simplified version of its equity management platform to help startups, SMEs and investors with organizing, managing and tracking shareholders and ownership.

Vestd Lite is currently available for UK-headquartered firms to quickly issue shares among staff, manage shareholders and view their up-to-date cap table to track ownership.

As noted in the announcement, the product includes full Companies House integration, eliminating the requirement for paperwork and the likelihood of discrepancies/inconsistencies between a firm’s records and Companies House.

Via Vestd Lite, firms may generate share certificates which may be signed online and shareholders can be given their own portal to effectively manage their portfolio. There are also company secretary tools that can take the friction/hassle out of compliance and governance, as well as customizable business/legal document templates.

Investors may also use Vestd Lite features in order to monitor the value of their shareholdings in individual firms and collectively, as well as applying various modelling tools in order to run future value scenarios.

Vestd founder & CEO Ifty Nasir discussed what the launch of Vestd Lite meant for startups, SMEs and investors.

He stated:

“At Vestd we’re passionate believers in the ‘ownership effect’ and have seen first hand the power that equity can have on teams and the growth of companies. We hope that with the launch of Vestd Lite even more startups and SMEs can maximise the investment into their people. There are a number of legal, compliance and administrative tasks when managing shareholders at all levels, and for many companies these obstacles mean they are unable or unwilling to put the time and resources into the process. Our platform is designed to remove these barriers and make it as easy as possible to generate share certificates and easily adapt template legal documents, for example, as well as updating dashboards and tracking ownership as your business grows.”

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