Artificial Intelligence: Mujin Raises $85m to Expand AI-Powered Robotics Platform

Tokyo-based intelligent robotics startup Mujin has announced raising $85 million in its Series C funding round, further boosting its market share in the realm of AI-powered robotics for manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain operations.

The funding round saw participation from top investors, including Japan’s SBI Investment Co., Ltd., Silicon Valley’s Pegasus Tech Ventures, 7 Industries from the Netherlands, corporate investor Accenture, and prominent angel investor, Dr. James Kuffner.

Central to Mujin’s innovative solutions is the “MujinController” platform, an AI-driven universal controller that converts industrial robots of any brand into smart machines. These machines are then poised to revolutionize applications across manufacturing and logistics sectors. Boasting over a decade of experience, Mujin remains at the forefront of empowering industrial automation specialists to innovate within the robotics domain.

Dr. Ross Diankov, co-founder of Mujin, lauded the MujinController’s capability:

Our platform employs a unique blend of a real-time non-volatile digital twin, coupled with a suite of perception, planning, and control algorithms. This allows robots and industrial devices to navigate the real world autonomously.

The MujinController, fuelled by advanced Machine Intelligence technology, has already impacted contemporary manufacturing and logistics spaces. Some achievements include the automation of precise picking to streamline e-commerce order fulfillment and robot-assisted unloading of truck trailers and containers.

Dr. James Kuffner, CEO of Woven by Toyota and a past mentor to Dr. Diankov, remarked on Mujin’s journey:

This funding is a pivotal moment for Mujin, which has been trailblazing intelligent automation technology since 2011. With this, they are set to further expand their delivery of cutting-edge robotic solutions, solidifying their leadership position.

Mujin’s overarching vision revolves around reshaping industries through automation, eliminating repetitive and hazardous tasks. This would permit workers to pivot towards more fulfilling roles, thereby enhancing operational efficiency globally.

Investor comments echoed the optimism. Accenture’s Mr. Atsushi Egawa mentioned their collaboration with Mujin since 2019, focusing on revolutionizing the logistics and manufacturing sectors using AI and robotics.

Established in 2011 in Tokyo, Mujin specializes in creating Machine Intelligence for robotic controllers. These controllers serve as a standard platform for both industrial and collaborative robots, particularly in logistics and pick-and-place applications. The MujinController, their flagship product, equips robotic systems with real-time decision-making capacities, propelling truly autonomous and efficient robot applications.

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