MicroCloud Hologram Introduces AI-Driven Holographic Virtual Digital Human

MicroCloud Hologram Inc. (NASDAQ: HOLO), a provider of Hologram Digital Twins Technology, revealed its latest innovation: a holographic virtual digital human powered by ChatGPT‘s generative pre-training model.

The technology simulates human linguistic behaviors, incorporating semantic analysis, to produce text that users can effortlessly understand. This ground-breaking achievement heralds an era where interactions with digital personas feel genuine, complete with simulated emotions and tones.

HOLO’s Digital Human utilizes the ChatGPT model, incorporating AI technologies like speech recognition, synthesis, and natural language understanding. This enables the digital human to perceive emotions and facilitate a human-computer dialogue experience that is both authentic and rich.

Deep learning techniques continuously refine the speech recognition and sentiment analysis accuracies, making the digital persona increasingly sophisticated. ChatGPT, known for its fluency and ability to understand intricate language structures, ensures the digital being converses naturally.

To support this venture, a comprehensive knowledge graph library is vital. It requires continuous accumulation via extensive speech training models, a field in which HOLO’s R&D team has been heavily invested. Their work harnesses AI data annotation technologies to amass significant amounts of data.

HOLO’s digital avatars have a vast application range, spanning from gaming and entertainment to virtual customer service and even family care. On the consumer side (2C), these digital entities can be integrated into a plethora of platforms such as short videos, games, and online literature, aligning with the current trend of virtual anchors in live broadcasting.

On the business front (2B), these holographic virtual digital humans are revolutionizing customer service by offering round-the-clock online support. Their potential isn’t limited to entertainment; they’re poised to make significant inroads into sectors like banking, real estate, and government services. As technology progresses, virtual beings are expected to reduce enterprise costs and boost efficiencies, marking a shift towards scalability and societal services.

MicroCloud Hologram Inc., a NASDAQ-listed company, specializes in the R&D and application of holographic technologies. Serving a global clientele, the firm offers a suite of services, from holographic light detection and ranging (LiDAR) solutions to holographic vehicle vision technology.

Leveraging a combination of software, digital content, and advanced algorithms, MicroCloud Hologram captures objects in a unique 3D holographic form, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

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