Embedded Insurance for Circular Economy: Helvetia Ventures Invests in inki.tech to Scale Devices-as-a-Service Solution

has secured funding from Helvetia Venture Fund, the investment arm of the Swiss insurer group Helvetia, tasked with investing in businesses that will shape the future of the insurance industry.

Alongside Helvetia, other financial backers reportedly include Autonom and The Mavers.

Having raised over €6m to date, with added support from equity and debt financing. inki.tech supports Integrated Insurance “in Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS) to create an all-inclusive experience for companies looking to transform the way they manage their team’s laptops, phones and tablets.”

The concept of DaaS emerges as “a pivotal framework for facilitating this transition, enabling companies to align with the heightened demands for efficiency, sustainability, and agility. The funds raised will drive inki.tech’s international expansion – targeting Western Europe while solidifying its leadership in CEE.”

With a new NL-based structure, the company is “poised for global innovation and is aiming to completely transform device ownership for enterprises.”

As businesses increasingly “prioritize smart cash flow management and eco-friendly practices, they are shifting towards circular economy models, favoring renting assets over buying them.”

In light of this, inki.tech has built “a DaaS 2.0 offering, with Integrated Insurance and integrated security.”

This innovative approach, a new InsurTech vertical, “fundamentally alters the classical DaaS value proposition and brings complete risk transfer for clients, from accidental damage to residual value risk.”

In inki.tech’s case, insurance and device security “are not a mere add-on (as with most other DaaS providers), they are quintessential components, with the goal of changing the risk landscape for the entire portfolio.”

Through this new approach, “to the risks associated with the devices it connects the clients’ risk transfer and cost predictability needs with the goal of extending the device lifecycle.”

Each device comes with full-cover insurance “as standard, assuring clients of no unexpected expenses or hassles due to device loss or damage and risks including drops, spills, thefts and accidental loss.”

Together with inki.tech’s integrated device security it significantly “reduces internal device fleet management time.”

inki.tech’s platform allows clients to “manage device logistics, repairs, and decommissioning remotely across borders.”

They also have the option “to upgrade (and downgrade) their devices at any time. ”

This has proven useful to clients “in the face of the regular new product launches from companies such as Apple or Samsung.”

An important benefit of DaaS is its positive impact “on the environment.”

By redeploying older devices instead of leaving them unused in drawers, “it extends their lifecycle, reducing businesses’ carbon footprint and e-waste.”

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