French Crypto Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger’s CEO Pascal Gauthier Introduces Stax Product

Pascal Gauthier, CEO at Ledger, says that the shipping of their new device, Ledger Stax, has begun for pre-order customers.

Pascal Gauthier from Ledger notes in a blog post that the first pre-orders will be “shipped over the coming weeks, and new orders will be globally available in Summer 2024.”

He will be sharing further details at Bitcoin Nashville 2024 on July 26th, 2024.

As explained in the update, Ledger Stax was designed by the godfather of the iPod Tony Fadell and is said to be “unprecedented in many ways.”

As noted by the Ledger CEO, the product is “the first secure touchscreen; the first time a touchscreen user interface has been driven by a secure element chip, which is crucial for crypto security.”

The blog post from Ledger pointed out that it’s also the first curved E-Ink display “ever built, the first display using organic semiconductor materials on plastic substrates rather than silicon materials on glass, and the only screen made at less than 100 degrees.”

With the Ledger Live companion app, Ledger Stax is described as being “the most intuitive wallet for securing, owning, and managing your digital value.”

Ledger Stax is also said to be “compatible with a wide range of apps you can explore in Ledger Live’s Discover section.”

According to the firm, it’s a major step “towards making digital ownership easily accessible to anyone, and not just the tech-savvy.”

The update also note that this display was much “more difficult to bring to mass production than anticipated, and the delivery of Ledger Stax is late as a result.”

Ledger’s management also mentioned:

“Over the past year we have built a …. global, and secure supply chain, with distribution capabilities in over 200 countries and 10 languages, that will continue to drive our future.”

The Ledger CEO has acknowleged the contributions/effort from Tony Fadell, their manufacturing partners Foxconn, E Ink Corporation, DKE, their team in Vierzon, France, and the Ledger team’s sharp focus throughout the building process.

According to Ledger’s CEO:

“Within the next few years, the crypto revolution will reshape how hundreds of millions of people own and manage all value, but as I’ve said on multiple occasions, our smartphones and laptops lack fundamental security features to let us onboard this era. People need intuitive devices combining security, ownership, and privacy to manage their digital value with control, free from compromise. We deeply appreciate your support and patience as we ship Ledger Stax and are excited to bring this breakthrough device to you.”

While this latest product launch seems impressive, it’s worth noting that over the years, Ledger has experienced various security breaches which have led to customer data being widely shared on public / darknet forums online. These damaging security breaches have leaked sensitive customer information like their personal addresses along with other details that can negatively impact an individual and/or organization’s overall security / safety.

Ledger had also unintentionally disclosed how they had been managing (or mismanaging) users’ private keys and it appeared as if it could theoretically / technically be possible for Ledger to gain access to users’ private keys, seed phrases, and other sensitive information.

With that being said, there’s really no perfect way to store passwords and other related data / information online. There are always security loopholes that hackers are discovering with each passing day. Overall, Ledger has provided high quality products to their global clientbase for many years.

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