Digital Assets Platform CoinList Reports Solid Start of the Year During H1 2024

H1 2024 has reportedly been the biggest start to the year in CoinList history.

The token launch meta shifted “from high FDV launches via airdrops to sales (fixed, node, auctions) and community rounds.” At CoinList, they’re committed to “offering their community the same, or better, terms than private markets.”

Here’s a look back at CoinList token launches over the past 6 months.

  • $95M worth of tokens sold over 12 oversubscribed token launches
    • CoinList ran token launches for 12 projects in H1 2024: Subsquid, zkLink, Nibiru, Meson Network, Masa, Bondex, Mystiko, TeleportDAO, Moca, Peaq, NATIX, and Tap Protocol.
    • They are pleased to say that all 12 launches were sold out and oversubscribed.
    • A total of $95M in tokens were purchased across the 12 launches, marking this as the busiest and most successful H1 in CoinList history.
  • They attracted over 100,000 high quality token holders from 160 different countries
    • They added over 100,000 high quality token holders across the 12 projects mentioned above.
    • These launches were notably diverse geographically, attracting participants from over 160 countries, further enhancing the networks’ decentralization.
  • They gave the community terms equal to or better than those in private markets (2024 saw many failed airdrops that launched at significantly higher valuations than their private rounds).
    • This has been destructive for teams like Dymension, Starknet, Arbitrum, and Wormhole, who launched at an average FDV of $14.7B, a 13.3x average premium to their previous private market valuation. Airdrop farmers are incentivized to sell tokens as soon as possible while more sell pressure accumulates from VC unlocks.

At CoinList, they strive to give the community “the same or better terms as the most recent private round — no closed-door deals, special terms, or preferred valuations for VCs.”

In fact, the first five launches of the year “were sold to retail at an average premium of just 1.04x compared to what VCs paid in previous rounds, with no cliff and shorter vesting — arguably providing better terms.”

They improved their product:

Token launches are at the heart of CoinList, and with their latest product updates, it’s never been easier to get started. Key changes include:

  • No more prefunding, no more queues: We get it, waking up in the dead of night to jump into a queue is frustrating. Community members waved goodbye to registering for token launches and waiting in a queue to purchase. Users can now lock up the amount they wish to purchase at any time during a 7 day purchase period, and receive notifications when successful purchase requests are randomly selected. Users who are not selected to receive an allocation will receive the funds back in their CoinList wallet within 48 hours.
  • More control for builders: Builders can now collect wallets from sale participants and filter for specific criteria to curate purchase tiers and allocations. In addition, we’ve introduced new launch formats like auctions, where the community decides the price of your token in real time. Learn more here.

They removed millions of bots and fraudulent accounts

Airdrops are vulnerable to sybil attack, “attracting a low quality community with poor retention, and undermining a project’s credibility by attracting bots and fraudulent activities.”

Failing to verify identities and comply with “other regulatory requirements also expose projects to the risk of distributing tokens to sanctioned individuals and violating OFAC standards.”

CoinList claims that it follows some of the best compliance practices.

To date, they claim to have “removed 2.4M bots and fraudulent accounts.”

By utilizing on-chain and off-chain data, they aim to “filter for the highest quality in both your community and their.”

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