Online Investment Platform SeedBlink Announces Continuous Funding for Issuers

SeedBlink, a European securities crowdfunding platform, has announced “Rolling Facility,” a feature that is said to enable continuous funding for issuers on the platform.

While it is becoming commonplace for early-stage firms to pursue multiple offerings on online platforms, somewhat similar to VC/Angel rounds, SeedBlink appears to be taking it a step further by allowing private firms to “continuously attract investment.”

Eric Bartha, Head of Revenue at SeedBlink, stated in a company post that securing funding is more challenging for startups today due to the economic environment. Bartha explained that completing a Series A or Series B round is more difficult than it was 12 to 18 months ago. Because funding rounds are taking longer, early-stage firms are switching to venture debt or revenue financing to extend their runways. Due to these challenges, SeedBlink is providing “viable alternatives that offer flexibility and sustainability.”

“In this way, startups can better overcome economic uncertainties, turn promising contacts into investors, capitalize on growth opportunities without the urgency of fundraising, and focus on strategic planning rather than immediate capital needs,” said Bartha.

SeedBlink aims to combine professional or institutional funding with retail investors. Rolling Facility is being launched on SeedBlink Syndicates, a service that enables angel investors and founders to pool and deploy capital within their own networks. Issuers can set up a deal room, send a dedicated link to investors to join the round and collect funds immediately. Communications and onboarding can take place in the SeedBlink Syndicates service. The goal is to keep funding open, securing commitments from investors at various stages.

SeedBlink explains that, unlike traditional funding rounds that typically have tight timelines and closing dates, Rolling Facilities can provide a flexible timeline, enabling founders to engage investors without the usual urgency.

Any discussion with a potential investor may be turned into a funding commitment without waiting for a new funding round.

Rolling Facilities also consolidate multiple small investments into a single entity or an SPV (or Nominee structure), which can simplify the cap table and facilitate shareholder management.

Ionuț Pătrăhău, Managing Partner at SeedBlink, stated:

“SeedBlink is poised to meet the needs of technology companies throughout their growth journey with advanced functionality and services around equity management and a diverse set of investment vehicles. This new capability on SeedBlink Syndicates, part of our recently launched all-in-one equity management and investment platform, has been introduced as a solution to the rising capital concerns of European startups, including Romanian,  in order to encourage their continuous growth despite the faced economic uncertainties.”

SeedBlink did not state if the service was due to issuer demand for continuous funding rounds.

SeedBlink also did not clarify how valuations will be managed or how different security structures could be changed in an ongoing round (or if they could be altered at all). According to its website, SeedBlank is authorized under ECSPR, but SeedBlink Syndicates do not fall under the regime as they only enable the nominee structure.

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