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3rd Annual Blockchain for Finance Conference, APAC – Singapore

May 7, 2019 - May 8, 2019

Asia Pacific’s Leading Conference for Banks and Financial Institutions Implementing Blockchain Technology

Business Model

Analyse business strategies of FIs to understand which use cases have the strongest commercial benefit to enable you to make informed business decisions around the blockchain hype

Beyond the Tech

Delve into non-technical challenges hindering wide-scale adoption including industry education, improved collaboration, legal concerns and regulatory uncertainty

Asset Tokenization

Explore the potential benefits of tokenisation of different assetsBlockchain for Finance Conference, APA delving deeper into securities and why STOs are gaining the most traction​

Blockchain Projects

Hear insights from financial experts on the latest use cases in development with a focus on Trade Finance, Securities, Clearing and Settlement, Insurance, Payments and Digital Identity​​​​

Day One: 7th May

07:30 Conference Registration Opens and Networking Coffee Break 08:45 FinTech Network Welcome
Hannah Kitchen, Project Manager, FinTech Network
08:50 Chairman’s Welcome

James Gan, Managing Director – Financial Services, Accenture

09:00 Re-Designing the Business Model to Incorporate Blockchain Technology

  • Hear how Siam Commercial Bank have developed their fintech strategy and the steps taken to conclude which blockchain use cases will provide the most business benefit
  • Explore the use cases currently being explored by the bank and discuss challenges that have been encountered on the road to production
  • Examine the other technologies being researched by Siam Commercial Bank and understand the key considerations before deciding which technology is most applicable

    Colin Dinn, CTO, Siam Commercial Bank

09:30 Panel Discussion: Cross Border Payments – A Key Use Case for Blockchain Technology

  • Explore the different phases of Project Ubin considering the key challenges and the lessons learned so far during this collaboration
  • Delve into the use cases that have been studied during the project to analyse the most beneficial areas where DLT will have the greatest impact
  • Discuss what the future holds for Project Ubin and the opportunities and risks that are expected along the way

    Moderator: Antony Lewis, Director of Digital Assets, R3
    Wee Kee Toh, Assistant Director – FinTech and Innovation Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore Prateek Dayal, SVP – Innovation and Client Solutions, Global Liquidity and Cash Management, HSBC James Gan, Managing Director – Financial Services, Accenture

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Building Blocks for the New Capital Markets

  • Explore GSX Group’s vision as a financial institution adopting new technology to retain and expand market share
  • Discuss GSX Group’s journey interacting with regulators and establishing Gibraltar as a DLT hub
  • Analyse Hashstacs’ experience working with other financial institutions (exchange and banks) to

    establish global expansion and digital transformation

    Benjamin Soh, MD, Hashstacs (Fintech Subsidiary of Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group)

For further information, please contact Hannah Kitchen on or +44 (0)203 4609 8416

11:30 Panel Discussion: Security Settlement on DLT

  • Consider current Clearing and Settlement processes and how these are a major pitfall for the efficiencies of financial institutions
  • Understand the difficulties of moving C&S to blockchains and how industry collaboration is essential to streamline production
  • Explore additional use cases such as asset servicing where building a consortium is advancing blockchain projects and has provided clear improvements for FIs

    Moderator: Antony Lewis, Director of Digital Assets, R3
    Masafumi Kondo, Senior Business Analyst – JPX Fintech Laboratory, JPX Rajeev Tummala, Senior Product Manager – Digital & Data, HSBC
    Nick Cowan, CEO, Gibraltar Stock Exchange
    Gangesh Ganesan, President and Chief Technology Officer, PeerNova

    12:30 Lunch

    14:00 ANZ’s Journey of Digitalisation

  • Explore the journey from pilot to production of ANZ’s digitalisation of bank guarantees and the consortium that has been formed to streamline this process
  • Discuss how both the banks involved and their customers are benefiting from the movement to blockchains with increased management maintenance, security and efficiency
  • Determine any challenges that have been encountered on the road to production and how ANZ, IBM and other FIs involved have worked together to overcome these

    Nigel Dobson, Banking Services Lead, ANZ

14:30 Panel Discussion: The Role of Blockchains in Payments

  • Determine the current status of blockchain technology with regards to payments analysing the benefits that banks and FIs will see by utilising the technology in this use case
  • Explore the need for a collaborative effect to fully reap the benefits of blockchains in payments and the partnerships that have already started forming in the Asia Pacific
  • Discuss the other key challenges such as scalability that have been encountered moving blockchain payment projects from POC to production and analyse the solutions currently on offer

15:30 Coffee Break

12:50 Lunchtime workshop: Topic TBD
Jonathan Horan, Partner, Capital Markets, Linklaters

Moderator: Peiying Chua, Partner, Linklaters

Sagar Sarbhai, Head of Regulatory Relations, APAC & Middle East, Ripple

Dr. Justo A. Ortiz, Chairman, Union Bank of the Philippines

Ashok Venkateswaran, VP – Product Development and Innovation, Mastercard

Alexi Lane, CEO and Founder, Everex

For further information, please contact Hannah Kitchen on or +44 (0)203 4609 8416

16:00 DLT at ING – The Real Impact

  • Showcase ING’s blockchain journey so far and how the lessons they’ve learnt have shaped future objectives
  • Delve deeper on how to deal with the growing pains of DLT in the broader ecosystem understanding how this is a vital step to streamline adoption
  • Hear latest results from blockchain projects in ING highlighting their work in trade finance to understand how the bank is benefitting from the technology

    Andrei Baghiuc Ventures Partnership Lead, ING Labs Singapore

16:30 Panel Session: Implementing Blockchain in Securities Services

  • Explore the current infrastructure of FSIs today region to region and the points to be considered when moving forward with an Asia DLT infrastructure enablement
  • Discuss the skillsets needed for DLT adoption and how to build talent and capability to fully utilize work with DLT
  • Analyze the use of DLT in securities for asset services, proxy voting and post trade to understand how DLT enabled infrastructure will work for different types of assets

    Moderator: Julian Gordon, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation Danielle Henderson, SVP – Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, APAC, Northern Trust Zhu Kuang Lee, Innovation Director, Standard Chartered
    Boon Chan, Director, Head of Market Advocacy, Deutsche Bank

17:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks 17:45 Networking Drinks
18:30 End of Day 1

Day Two: 8th May

08:30 Conference Registration Opens and Networking Coffee Break 09:20 Chairman’s Welcome
Alexandre Kech, Chief Executive Officer, Onchain Custodian

09:30 Investing in Blockchain/Fintech Start-Ups – what defines success?

  • Hear key characteristics that VCs/Private Equity Funds look for when investing in blockchain start-

    ups to ensure a successful partnership

  • Given the extensive blockchain projects in development, hear the common traits to avoid so that

    VCs can establish the best investment opportunities

  • Debate the blockchain start-ups currently out there by analysing what’s missing from these services

    and the solutions that are most attractive for investors

    Vic Tham, CEO, Quantum Energy Asset Management

For further information, please contact Hannah Kitchen on or +44 (0)203 4609 8416

10:00 Panel Discussion: Insurance on the Blockchain

  • Consider the most effective ways for insurance companies to collaborate to advance blockchain projects and how to ensure that client’s data is protected and secure when sharing information
  • Analyse which blockchain initiatives are being explored by insurance companies to provide the most benefits to their processes
  • Examine the technical limitations to consider when utilising blockchains in insurance such as interoperability and scalability and how to overcome these

    Moderator: Pavel Bains, CEO, Bluzelle
    Jonathan Chan, Innovation Manager, AXA Singapore Vincent Serpoul, Lead Engineer @LOFT, Manulife Asia Val Yap, CEO and Founder, PolicyPal and PAL Network

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Panel Discussion: Keeping Secure with Security Tokens

  • Gain an overview of the tokenisation of securities and how they will revolutionise FSIs with faster settlement time
  • Explore the legal and regulatory challenges of STOs and how these need to be considered on both a global scale and region to region
  • Analyse the future of market infrastructure for STOs and the vital steps that FIs need to consider to ensure they are prepared for this change

    Moderator: Grahame Webb, Senior Product Manager, Digital Asset
    Kelvin Tan, Innovation for Treasury & Markets, Technology & Operations, DBS Bank Peter Shen, Head of Technology Strategy and Innovation, Singapore Exchange Daren Frankel, Director – Strategic Markets and Solutions ConsenSys
    Fiona Chan, Partner, Appleby

    12:30 Cumberland: The Transition from a Large Financial Institution to the Crypto Industry

  • Explore Cumberland / DRW’s history to examine the journey from the beginning to understand how they started making waves in the blockchain and crypto space
  • Hear recent updates on the crypto industry looking into institutional moves (ETFs, Custody) so you have the best knowledge of how crypto will have an effect on FIs
  • Discuss Cumberland’s view on the future of crypto addressing the concerns and hurdles from traditional financial industry perspective

    Ikuma Ueno, Business Development Manager, Cumberland (A DRW Company)

13:00 Lunch Networking Session

For further information, please contact Hannah Kitchen on or +44 (0)203 4609 8416

14:00 Panel Discussion: Streamlining Trade Finance with DLT

  • Discuss the key projects where trade finance is being greatly improved with the use of blockchain technology focussing on real life use cases such as Project Voltron and how the formation of partnerships is streamlining adoption
  • Determine why trade finance is becoming a key use case for blockchain technology in the Asia Pacific region and how this could be the future of blockchains in financial services
  • Explore the proliferation of projects all tackling blockchain-based trade finance and the affect this could potentially have on adoption and the success of blockchain for trade

    Moderator: Julian Gordon, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation Joshua Kroeker, Director – Blockchain Lead for Global Commercial Banking, HSBC
    Samir Neji, CEO, Dltledgers
    Sreeram Iyer, COO, ANZ

15:00 The Future of Our Data

  • Explore the concept of data as a currency and how to protect and manage this like fiat currency
  • Analyse decentralised services as a whole and how blockchain specific projects can solve major

    challenges for finance institutions

  • Speculate on the future of technologies, such as IOT, and how to move to a fully decentralised future

    Pavel Bains, CEO, Bluzelle

15:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

15:45 End of Day 2


May 7, 2019
May 8, 2019


Novotel Singapore
Clarke Quay, 177A River Valley Rd
Singapore, 179031 Singapore
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