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AI-Powered SaaS Firm Lucinity Introduces New Solutions for Financial Crime Prevention

Lucinity, a “pioneering” AI SaaS company specializing in financial crime prevention, introduced Luci. This product is “a copilot powered by advanced generative AI, designed to significantly enhance the productivity of teams working to prevent financial crimes.” By rendering complex data into understandable insights in real-time,… Read More

Arion Bank, Lucinity to Combat Money Laundering

Arion Bank has announced it will implement Lucinity’s technology “to help strengthen its defenses against money laundering and contribute to a safer financial system.” Lucinity’s software solution “uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to detect money laundering and make it easier for financial companies to… Read More

Global Fintech as a Service Provider Rapyd to Acquire Valitor, an Icelandic Payments Solutions Firm

Rapyd, a multinational Fintech as a Service (FaaS) provider, has entered into a definitive agreement with Arion Banki (Arion Bank) in order to acquire Valitor, an Icelandic payments solutions firm. As confirmed in a release shared with Crowdfund Insider, the deal size is $100 million… Read More

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