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Canadian Securities Administration Year in Review: 16 Crypto-related Enforcement Actions

The Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) has published its year in review, and one of the sectors discussed is crypto. The CSA is the association that represents all of the country’s securities regulators, which operate largely independently of one another based on the province or territory…. Read More

CSA Responds to Ontario Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce Report: NCFA – The present system is simply not good enough

Last month, the Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce in Ontario, Canada, issued its final report as to how to improve capital formation and affiliated economic growth and prosperity. The Taskforce’s goal was to “address the issues of tomorrow’s capital markets with bold and innovative recommendations that… Read More

NCFA Founder Craig Asano Rallies Canadian Crowdfunders with Alternative Finance Policy, Notes “Flourishing” Startup Scene

“As the crowdfunding economy grows it will spur economic prosperity, create new jobs and ultimately improve follow-on funding outcomes for scalable ventures looking to succeed in the incredibly dynamic and connected global markets we live in today.” As readers know, The Centre for Alternative Finance at University of… Read More

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