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Investment Platform Obligate Opens On-Chain Bond Issuance Platform to Enhance Corporate Financing

Obligate, a Zürich-based investment platform that enables companies to issue on-chain bonds and commercial paper to receive funding, recently “opened onboarding for issuers and investors.” Built on Polygon, the L2 blockchain for institutional finance, the platform “enables the management of corporate debt financing in a… Read More

Obligate Finalizes Seed Extension Round with Blockchange Ventures, Circle Ventures, SIX Fintech Ventures, Earlybird

Obligate, formerly known as FQX, announced it has successfully closed a seed extension funding round, “allowing them to scale their blockchain-based platform for bonds and commercial paper.” Blockchange Ventures and Circle Ventures join initial seed co-investors Earlybird and SIX Fintech Ventures – “bringing the total… Read More

USDT Stablecoin Issuer Tether Slashes Commercial Paper to Zero

Tether, the issuer of the world’s largest stablecoin USDT by market cap, announced on October 13, 2022 that it has “eliminated commercial paper from its reserves, replacing these investments with U.S. Treasury Bills (T-Bills).” This announcement “comes as part of Tether’s ongoing efforts to increase… Read More

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