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German Solar Crowdfunding Platform Ecoligo Announces Guarantee Fund to Safeguard Investors Against Possible Coronavirus Impact

Solar crowdfunding platform Ecoligo recently announced a new guarantee fund that will safeguard investors against potential COVID-19 impact. The fund will notably be initially funded with €50,000 from Ecoligo, which will cover payments that are upcoming in the next months.  Ecoligo also revealed the guarantee… Read More

Narrow Escape for German Real Estate Crowdfunding, Green Crowdinvesting Now in Legislator’s Crosshairs

    After multiple formal and informal discussions with representatives of the crowdfunding sector, consumer associations and the German financial establishment, the Financial Committee of the German Parliament has drawn its conclusions from the review of one year of operation under the German crowdfunding regulation,… Read More

New Solar Crowdfunding Platform Ecoligo Launches Kenya Project

Berlin-based ecoligo, a crowdfunding startup for solar projects in emerging markets, has opened to investors today with an offer to back a 66 kWp solar installation for a flower farm in Thika, Kenya. ecoligo is seeking a total investment of €107,000 that will fund the… Read More

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