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Nymcard, ACI Worldwide To Combat Fraud, Financial Crime

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a global firm focused n mission-critical, real-time payment solutions,  announced that Nymcard, a card issuer in the MENA region, has enhanced its fraud platform with ACI Fraud Management in order “to better protect its customers from the growing threat of financial… Read More

Finnish Retail Bank S-Bank Selects Worldline for Fraud Detection, Prevention

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], a global player focused on payment services, has integrated its Fraud Management Suite into the issuing platform of Finnish bank S-Bank. Supported by Worldline technology, S-Bank will “deploy extensive real-time fraud detection for debit and credit cards whilst increasing the efficiency of… Read More

ACI Worldwide, Provider of Real-Time Payment Solutions, Partners Swedbank, Will Combat Online Fraud

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), an international provider of real-time payments and digital payment software applications, reveals that it has teamed up with Swedbank, a leading issuing and acquiring bank in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The company has contributed to a 55% decrease in payment… Read More

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