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Indian State of Gujarat to Introduce Fintech focused Policies to Support Growth of Local Industry

The government in the Indian state of Gujarat is planning to introduce policies that will support the growth of the local Fintech sector. The state is looking to generate more revenue and may also be looking to acquire additional income via direct and indirect taxes… Read More

India’s New Fintech Sandbox Program will be Managed by Recently Established International Financial Services Centres Authority

sand, sandbox

Indian regulatory authorities have introduced the framework for establishing a Fintech regulatory sandbox that will help local startups with experimenting or testing out their ideas in a live environment. The Fintech sandbox program will allow established industry participants and startups to work cooperatively in order… Read More

Brief: Government of Gujarat Debuts India Civic Crowdfunding Platform “Fund for Unity”

Fund for Unity, a civic crowdfunding platform that facilitates public funding and participation in community development projects, has been launched by the government of Gujarat on October 31st as a step towards the envisaged icon based development of the Narmada district in Gujarat. The website was made available… Read More

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