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Indiegogo Success “Hardcore Henry” Debuts in 3000 Theaters Today

On Friday, Indiegogo alum Hardcore Henry premiered in 3000 theaters. The sci-fi adventure film was shot from the first person perspective. Hardcore Henry, which was originally titled Hardcore, first surfaced on Indiegogo at the end of 2014. During its time on the global crowdfunding platform, the film secured $254,954 from 2,078 backers…. Read More

Check Out the Top 10 Indiegogo Films to Watch For At the Toronto International Film Festival 2015

With the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival already in full swing, Indiegogo unveiled 10 crowdfunded films that viewers at the fest will want to see. The crowdfunding platform’s Amy Yeh wrote: “The 40th annual Toronto International Film Festival has officially begun, and this year’s lineup… Read More

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