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Invesdor Celebrates Europe’s First Exit by IPO for Crowdfunded Company as Shares of Heeros Trade on Nasdaq First

Invesdor is celebrating the “first” European company to provide an exit by IPO as shares trade on Nasdaq First North Helsinki (ISIN FI4000127527) . Heeros Oyj raised €3.4m from 700 retail investors with its IPO on the Invesdor crowdfunding platform. that took place this past October. In… Read More

Finland’s Heeros Announces IPOs One Year After Securing €660,000 on Invesdor

Heeros Oyj, a Finnish cloud-based financial management software solutions company, announced this week it is IPOing on Nasdaq First North growth market in Finland. The company revealed the subscription period of the IPO started on Wednesday through crowdfunding platform Invesdor. This launch comes one year after… Read More

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