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Brief: Mammoth Hunters Sets Crowdcube Spain Investor Record & New Fundraise Goal

Fitness App Mammoth Hunters second crowdfunding raise in eight months on  Crowdcube Spain has proven successful, having overfunded with nine days remaining on its campaign.  The customized training and nutrition app motivates users to change their habits and live a healthier life, offers services comparable to a personal nutritionist… Read More

Mammoth Hunters Returns to Crowdcube Spain for Second Round, Repeat Investors Alongside Angels

Fitness App Mammoth Hunters is fundraising for the second time in eight months on Crowdcube Spain, the platform’s first raise was overfunded by 166 investors. Half of Mammoth Hunters’ investors are investing again, alongside with Angels, according to Crowdcube Spain Co-Founder Pepe Borrell. “It is exciting to see… Read More

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