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Bitcoin based NFTs Including Ordinals and Runes See Market Cap Surge to $1.03 Billion – Report

The total market cap of the top 10 Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), comprising Ordinals and Runes, has surged “to $1.03 billion, with a daily average trading volume of $2.25 million in May 2024, proving their increasing prominence in the world of Web3.” This, according to… Read More

OKX Adds Support for Fungible Token Standard Runes Following the Bitcoin Halving

OKX is pleased to announce that they’ve added support for Runes, a new fungible token standard by Casey Rodarmor, a former Bitcoin developer and artist, following the recent Bitcoin halving. With this addition, OKX users can now reportedly “create, mint, manage and trade Runes on… Read More

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