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Don’t Worry, Be Frisky: “Sextortionists” Have Made $1 Million in Bitcoins, But Probably Don’t Have Dirt on You

Anti-phishing company Area 1 says that email “sextortionists” have collected $1 million in Bitcoins (about $593 USD per victim) by convincing targets that their webcams and porn-search habits have been compromised, Fortune reports.  But your webcam and any porn consumption likely haven’t been breached, says Area… Read More

“CIA” (Not Really) Demands Bitcoins In Latest Sextortion Scam

A new batch of “sextortion” emails are making the rounds, says cybersecurity firm Trustwave, and the latest scam has two unique features. Sextortion spam may be randomly distributed or sent deliberately to high net worth individuals or people known to have or likely to have… Read More

Latest Report from Cybersecurity Firm Digital Shadows Details LinkedIn Sextortion Campaign – Pay Crypto or Else

Traditionally, cyber extortions have mainly been executed via exposure threats (“pay a cryptocurrency ransom or be embarrassed”), threats of cyberattack (denial of service), or the deployment of ransomware to lock up data, says “digital risk protection firm” Digital Shadows in its latest report, “Tale of Epic… Read More

“Sextortion” Emails Now Bearing Infectious GrandCrab Ransomware Links. Seriously

Beware the sextortion email with the suspicious link or attachment, says cybersecurity company Proofpoint Research. Standard “sextortion” attacks, in which would-be-hackers threaten to expose a target’s “prurient” online activity if not paid a ransom in cryptocurrency, are so last year. Savvy hackers are now adding a… Read More

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