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Canonical Announces First Ubuntu Phones Will Ship in 2014

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Reports That Apple Has Purchased Sapphire Crystal Capacity. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu,  has announced they have signed agreements to ship Ubuntu phones globally this year.  To manufacturers, Spanish based bq and China based Meizu, will be the first companies bringing these new Ubuntu based… Read More

Canonical Nets Hardware Partner, Ubuntu Touch OS Phones Coming

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Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced at Le Web this week that Canonical has found a hardware partner. This means that Ubuntu Touch OS will be coming to smartphones soon, and Canonical will begin the long uphill climb of snagging marketshare from industry stalwarts like Google’s… Read More

Should Apple Buy the Ubuntu Edge?

Black Ubuntu Edge

The crowdfunding world watched with fascination as the largest crowdfunding campaign ever took place on Indiegogo these past weeks. The Ubuntu Edge attempting to crowdfund $32,000,000 was always a  herculean endeavor but the pros at Canonical were up to the task and had the credibility… Read More

Ubuntu Edge Fails: The Winners And Losers

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A crowdfunding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo has failed to reach a goal of $32,000,000. 27,488 backers laid claim to 5,837 copies of Ubuntu’s cutting-edge premium smartphone concept. In the end it was all for naught. The campaign fell $19,187,224 short of the goal…. Read More

Ubuntu Edge Watch: Some Backers Angered With Canonical CEO’s Comments In Wired

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We’re down to the wire for the Ubuntu Edge, and I have my popcorn at my side as we wait for the last 11 hours to tick away from the most ambitious crowdfunding campaign in memory. (Maybe) One interesting thing is happening right now in… Read More

The 32-Million-Dollar Crowdfunding Question: Will The Campaign For The Ubuntu Edge Be Extended?

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There is a big question that will be answered this week. In fact, I’d argue it is the biggest question in the brief history of rewards-based crowdfunding. It may be a 32-million-dollar question… Will Canonical extend their campaign for the Ubuntu Edge? The Indiegogo campaign… Read More

Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding on Indiegogo (Infographic)

Ubuntu Edge Biggest Ever

Here are the numbers for the crowdfunding campaign that has claimed the title of Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign of All Time – from Indiegogo. $10,267,352 22,053 Contributors 63 Countries contributing Top Five:  US, Germany, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands Largest Contribution $80,000 from Bloomberg. So this… Read More

Ubuntu Edge Surpasses Pebble Watch’s Total, Still Has A Long Way To Go


The Ubuntu Edge smartphone has surpassed the Pebble Watch‘s rewards-based crowdfunding record of $10,266,845. However, unless Canonical can find $22 million more in funding it may end up being all for naught. The campaign for the Edge is a fixed funding campaign, which means that… Read More

Canonical On Why They Chose Indiegogo Over Kickstarter For The Ubuntu Edge

Black Ubuntu Edge

Recently I reported on Indiegogo’s failure rate and how it ties to their open approach to rewards-based crowdfunding. In considering that open approach I was reminded of Canonical, the company that supports Ubuntu, one of the most used pieces of open-source software in the world…. Read More

Most Indiegogo Campaigns Fail, And Thank Goodness

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Earlier this week The Verge and reporter Adrianne Jeffries did the crowdfunding world a service by collecting and publishing a deep data set on the historical success rates of Indiegogo campaigns. The article points out that Indiegogo generally sees about 9.3% of their campaigns receive full… Read More

Crowdfunding Ubuntu Edge: Bloomberg plus Price Drop Increases Hope for Crowdfunding Success

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The worlds largest crowdfunding campaign ever Ubunta Edge continues to adjust tactics in hopes to capture the momentum necessary to reach their $32,000,000 goal which is a fixed funding campaign.  Having raised “only” just under $9 Million from almost 19,000 backers on their Indiegogo campaign… Read More

WATCH: How The Ubuntu Edge Will Work As A Desktop PC

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One of the most intriguing aspects of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone is that it promises to work as a desktop PC as well. In the video below Leann Ogasawara, Ubuntu Kernel Engineering Manager, explains how this functionality works using a modded Nexus smartphone. It continues Ubuntu’s… Read More

Strategy Session On The Stalled Ubuntu Edge

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Canonical launched the Ubuntu Edge campaign on Indiegogo in search of $32 million for their dual-boot smartphone/PC combo. As of right now funding has slowed to a trickle after raising almost $3.5 million in the first 24 hours. The campaign currently has garnered around $7.5… Read More

Canonical Updates Pricing On Indiegogo, Regains Steam


Canonical had a huge first day of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, raising around $3.5 million for their new dual-boot smartphone. As with most campaigns, contributions tapered off after the fervor of launch day subsided. That tapering was exacerbated by a limited-time-only reward tier at $600. Contributors… Read More

$3.5 Million In One Day On Indiegogo For Ubuntu Edge, Canonical

ubuntu edge components

Yesterday we reported on the Indiegogo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge. The campaign has set a $32 million goal for the new dual-boot smartphone running Ubuntu and Android. It’s the most ambitious campaign in Indiegogo’s history, and short of some Star Wars spoof campaigns it’s probably… Read More

Stats: Canonical, Indiegogo & Ubuntu Edge Put Crowdfunding World On Notice

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A campaign just launched on Indiegogo has a somewhat ambitious funding goal. $32 million. I’ll let that sink in for a moment… Sound ridiculous? It might not be when you consider the project at the root of the campaign and the team bringing the campaign… Read More

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