Portal of Pain Launches New Crowdsourcing Leadership Tool

Portal of Pain (PoP), a lean startup platform for IT executives to share and solve business-critical problems, announced on Tuesday that it has launch a new crowdsourcing leadership tool that transforms how executives engage with internal teams, partners and customers to help drive innovations.Portal of Pain (PoP)

PoPin is a SaaS mobile and web solution that facilitates the crowdsourcing of ideas that a team votes to the top. This process helps companies solicit feedback from large groups while facilitating a productive discussion and driving problem resolutions on a range of management issues.

PoPin-selected initiatives are then crowdsolved through specific discussions to deliver timely and innovative impacts to relevant corporate objectives. This format results in highly motivated and better-aligned teams, as well as healthier, more productive organizations, according to Hayes Drumwright, founder of PoPin and CEO of Trace3, a pioneer in business transformation solution. Trace3 works with more than 2,000 globally recognized companies.

Hayes DrumwrightMr. Drumwright noted, “Companies today are riddled with cultural challenges and dysfunctional processes that prevent business leaders from engaging with and motivating employees, partners and customers on a range of business-critical ideas, projects or initiative. We initially developed this project as an internal tool at Trace3, which helped us identify and correct a variety of problems. When we realize the power of this tool, we wanted to roll it out to our client group to help them address their own internal challenges.”

Restaurant chain Red Robin Gourmet Burgers recently deployed PoPin as part of its company-wide push to leverage social media as a way to glean critical insights and ideas from managers in nearly 400 restaurants throughout the U.S. The executive team will use PoPin for its quarterly operations meetings, and regional directors will use the social collaboration tool year-round.

CIO of Red Robin Chris Laping stated,”PoPin allows us to contain, control and curate social conversations in order to uncover, solve and implement specific business and operational initiatives.”

The Table Group, a specialized management consulting firm, also leverages PoPin as a critical leadership tool for its clients.

Al Amador

Vice President of Consulting at The Table Group Al Amador added, “PoPin provides aninnovative approach to CrowdSourcing that gives actionable insights from key constituents to inform the next generation of leadership. PoPin combines the latest CrowdSourcing technology and smart management practices to flatten an organization and break down the communications barriers that limit the discovery of real problems, timely opportunities and relevant solutions.”

PoP is an invite-only process and funding platform that allows IT professionals to leverage crowdsourcing, crowdsolving and crowdfunding to meet specific business challenges, and to spin out new companies.

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