Indiegogo Shares Maker Challenge Winners

Indiegogo Maker Challenge Winners

In celebration of the White House Maker Faire, after a trip to DC, Indiegogo  fired up their very own Maker Challenge sponsored by Amazon and Autodesk.  The crowdfunding project commenced on June 18th and it finished on July 16th.  The winners were announced this past Friday.

The innovation of crowdfunding has been a huge boon for creative maker types.  Product concepts can quickly prove relevance and market demand by doing a crowdfunding campaign.  We have seen more than a few blowout successes as consumers rush to back and potentially receive a product that is more often than not just a prototype. A growing number of VC’s are asking Makers to go the crowdfunding path as well to show there is demand for their next big thing.  Hopefully once Title III of the JOBSAct kicks in – allowing retail crowdfunding or alternatively Title IV rules are released that actually allow regular people invest in startups – we will all see a renaissance of creativity in the United States.  Not that there aren’t a ton of really cool creative devices being offered up already – just more.

So below are the selected campaigns that will receive entrepreneurial mentorship plus a 3-month professional account subscription to Selling on Amazon, and a $200 credit toward Fulfillment by Amazon:

  • ChargeAll: The world’s smallest portable power outlet
  • CinniBird: The first and only spice pen
  • CreoPopCreoPop: The world’s first 3D pen with cool ink
  • Deadeye Marksmanship: The rifle shot feedback device
  • Embarq Footwear: Recycled shoes that are recycled again
  • EzeeCube: The stackable media center to store and manage all your content
  • FuelBOX powerStation: The last phone charger you will ever need
  • Gokey: Charger, cable, locator, and memory all on your key-ring
  • iMacompanion: Easy front USB access for iMac
  • iPunch Gloves: The world’s first smart combat gloves for boxing and MMA
  • IRO by IroNova: The first universal smartband
  • the KILN: A portable guitar dehumidifier
  • LEO: Wearable fitness Intelligence
  • LifeTip: The health wearable device with ECG technology
  • MobiMuse XBAND-ONE: Let your music go truly smart, wireless and surround
  • Neoji: A zen master for your home
  • POD: The world’s first sustainable solution to cell phone surveillance
  • QLEEK: Your digital life in the real world
  • SCAT Belt: The device to run and walk safely
  • Sensibo: Make any air conditioner smart
  • Skylock: The world’s first solar-powered connected bike lock
  • SMART CARD: The wallet sized iPhone and Android chargeriPhone Trackr Bravo
  • Soap: A router, tablet, and home automation device
  • TrackR bravo: The thinnest item-tracking device ever
  • Tens: The real life photo filter
  • UpRight: Improve your posture and prevent back pain
  • Skylock: The world’s first solar-powered connected bike lock
  • FuelBOX: The last charger you will ever need
  • CinniBird: The first and only spice pen
  • UpRight: Improve your posture and prevent back pain
  • SERRT UPRM Solar Car: A solar car competing in the American Solar Challenge

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