An Explanation of Title II, Accredited Crowdfunding (Video)

Billboard-Advertising-General-Solicitation OnlineThe JOBS Act of 2012 legalized three different variations of investment crowdfunding. Title III or Reg CF, allows for anyone to invest in smaller companies that are raising up to $1 million.  Title IV, or Reg A+, allows issuers to raise up to $50 million from both accredited and non-accredited investors but requires a higher degree of disclosure and ongoing reporting.  Title II updated existing Reg D rules to allow for “general solicitation” (SEC-speak for advertising) ushering in the first iteration of raising capital online or accredited crowdfunding.  Under Reg D 506(c) only accredited investors may participate in the offer but allows an unlimited amount of capital to be raised. This is the most popular vehicle to raise money for private companies and a huge market at around $1 trillion a year.  Under Reg D 506(c), platforms must verify investors qualify as accredited investors thus creating an additional hurdle for issuers. VerifyInvestor, a company that provides accredited investor verification has crafted a short video that quickly and simply explains Title II accredited crowdfunding. The video is embedded below.

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